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BREAKING: Russian Fighter Jet Collides With US Drone Over The Black Sea

Russian Jet Downs US Drone Conducting Surveillance Over The Black Sea

By Yash Published 3 months ago 3 min read

A Russian jet has forced down a U.S drone over the Black Sea after damaging its propeller over international waters of the Black Sea. According to the U.S., Air Force Europe, an MQ nine Reaper drone, a U.S. Air Force surveillance drone or a spy drone was flying over the Black Sea when, according to the Air Force, two Russian fighter jets conducted what they're calling an unsafe and unprofessional interception. That's just the beginning of it. According to the Air Force, the two Russian SU 27 flanker fighter jets repeatedly flew in front of the MQ nine Reaper drone, apparently in an attempt to disrupt or disturb its flight pattern, even dumping fuel in front of that U.S. Reaper drone.

And then according to the Air Force, one of those SU 27 fighter jets damaged the propeller of the Reaper drone forcing it down the propeller on a reaper is behind it. So somehow that Russian fighter jet managed to damage the propeller, forcing the U.S. to bring down the drone in international waters. Of course, this is a very severe incident and U.S. Air Force Europe issued a statement essentially essentially referencing how severely they view this.

Let me read you a part of this "This incident demonstrates a lack of competence. In addition to being unsafe and unprofessional. These aggressive actions by Russian air crew are dangerous and could lead to miscalculation and unintended escalation".

According to the national security Council. President Joe Biden was briefed on the incident earlier this morning by national security adviser Jake Sullivan. So he was given that information about how this played out. Earlier today, according to the NSC, there have been other interceptions between Russian and U.S. aircraft, but none as severe or as potentially escalatory as this where we see an actual collision in midair between a Russian fighter jet and a US drone that forced down the US drone.

Of course, the key question now, how does the U.S. respond ? How severely do they view this and how deliberately do they view this Certainly the statement from U.S. Air Force seems to say that the Russians were very deliberate in flying in front of the drone, dumping fuel in front of the drone and then damaging the propeller, forcing it down eventually in the Black Sea. So now we'll wait to see how the U.S. chooses to respond to this incident. We have also reached out to the Russian Ministry of Defense for comment, Just to be clear, of course, the Ukrainian port city of Odessa there on the Black Sea, we don't know specifically where this happened. It's our understanding and it's worth noting that we have been able to track the flights of many Reaper drones over the Black Sea over the course of the war and before. And they essentially fly an almost circular pattern, either in the western part of the Black Sea, either west of Crimea or south west of Crimea.

We don't know exactly where this happened, but we have seen Reaper drones flying almost on a daily basis since the beginning of the war. And even earlier than that, we know Russian jets have flown as well. Of course, what's different here is the interaction, frankly, the collision between these jets. U.S. Air Force says it happened in international waters where both the US and the Russians are absolutely entitled to fly under international law,

General Mark Hertling Said:

"This is typical of shadowing and intercepts in Europe. Truthfully, what you see is Russia does this all the time in international airspace. On top of international waters, Russia often considers the Black Sea their national lake, which is dead wrong and doesn't apply that way. But you will see Russian aircraft continuously having these kinds of intercepts or shadows, but nothing like this. Airplanes get close You certainly will see. There have been years where there are over a couple of hundred of these kind of things, incidents occurring every year. And it's normal procedure. But when you get this close and you interfere with flight paths of other aircraft, either manned or unmanned, it's certainly not under international law.

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