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Bourgnew's Royal Proclamation

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in history
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The Separation and Declaration of Powers

The Bourgnewian Monarch supporting the Bourgnewian Constitution and the laying out of Powers

The Bourgnewian Constitution is a Declaration and a Proclamation that we are all equal. It is not to construe the Separation of Powers and affect the efficacy of the government. We are united and we are one. We have specific duties and obligations to the people, Bourgnewians that we must fulfill. And if not fulfilled the balance of Powers can effectively remove the strain on governance. We do not seek rebellions as the way to liberty nor uprisings as the way of livelihood. We do not desire to displease the good pleasure of Bourgnewians. We support their right to fair governance. We support their right to equal protection. We support their right to justified punishment. The Monarch, Bourgnew's Monarch, and Bourgnewian Monarch officiate the government. The Monarch rules by inheritance and for Bourgnewians to remember who freed them and gave birth to their independence. Setting aside all absolute authority and with humility being the captain, and chief commander of the Bourgnewian Forces under the major influence of the Bourgnewian Parliament. The Bourgnewian Monarch humble the authority and seek patriotism. The Monarch seeks the love of country, duly sworn loyalty to truth, grace, freedom, liberty, and humanity.

This Constitutional Democratic Republic Parliamentary government should never dissolve. It has been accorded, written, and known in history for all to read that the Bourgnewian Monarch and their successors will maintain the ties of loyalty, duty, and prestige by preserving this government for ages to come. The Bourgnewian Monarch must walk in the footsteps of the Bourgnewian First King by maintaining order, dignity, neighborly value, and worth among the people. It will not be tolerated recklessness and ruthlessness, direct vindicative behaviors, and divisive maneuvers that shatters and fragile the utmost trust of the institution and the people whom it serves. This may be a new experiment of known governments but it has been proven to secure freedoms, liberties, and unity. We cannot allow simplicity and lies to detour the truth and equality we have now found.

Now that we are on one accord and in like mind unity. We can go forward with never delaying justice. The Bourgnewian Parliament's purpose was to hold the confidence of the people. We constantly seek the justice necessary by making, enforcing, and interpreting laws. The Bourgnewian Consitution lays down the strategy to fulfilling this purpose where each part that makes up the parliament will have a certain duty in checks and balances. Even the parties must abide by the constitution and render authority based on their majority, we must never make any mistakes. The world is watching this government and we must deliver on duty, honor, and justice. Our duty must be to always have faith in the good nature of the laws, the supreme laws which are held in the Bourgnewian Constitution. Our honor will be to make a government available to the people and in respect to the unity that comes when their differences make evident the purpose of harmony. Our justice will be the highest purpose and calling of the government to create communities and societies that hope in and flourish on the liberty afforded by good governance.

When we say, "No one is above the law", we simply say that justice must be the highest agenda and the greatest purpose of governance. We do not hunt down innocent people. We do not practice overt interrogations. We do not promote violent altercations. We simply must deliver because the confidence that comes from voting and elections will be known. And the government will be known for the dignity and prestige it carries during the election, before the election, and even years after an election. Lastly, The Bourgnewian Monarch empowers the people with guidance and wisdom and earned respect. And the Bourgnewian Parliament is the officiated head of governance and they will make this union, the union of humanity, the union of liberty, and the union of freedom justified. Long live Bourgnew and so forth.


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