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Bourgnew's Parliamentary Amendments

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in legislation
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Revisions to the Bourgnewian Constitution

Bourgnew's Parliamentary Amendments
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-The Bourgnewian Parliament extends the Bourgnewian Royal Ruling House including the Spouse's Family of the Bourgnewian Monarch

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, Economic Bill of Rights, and upon the order of the Bourgnewian Parliament, only NFTs platforms that support communities' goodwill with a potion of their funds shall produced currency and cryptocurrency in the Republic of Bourgnew.

-"King Cornelius I of Bourgnew and the Bourgnewian Royalty considered European Royalties family and the Bourgnewian Constitution supports the Treaty of Nobilities well wishing alone, no ills or territorial quarrels."-The Bourgnewian Parliament

-The Bourgnewian Constitution is the Supreme Laws of the Republic of Bourgnew and recognized as such internationally.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, no official is perpetual, not even the Bourgnewian Monarch. The High Councilor is the Chief Justice. The Dukes/Duchesses are Heads of the Economy. The President of the Houses is under the Prime Minister whose the Head of Government.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, any Bourgnewian causing an international incident such as impersonating royalty or officials will be permanently ban from the country.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the harshest punishment is life in prison working. Prisoners are allowed to preserve their assets while in prison.

-"The Bourgnewian Constitution beckons us to declare 'The Dignity of Human Rights' for all and stand for 'Economic Justice' leading the way."-The Republic of Bourgnew's Parliament has unanimous agreed to join the UN Human Rights Council.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the Bourgnewian Monarch's Successor can be appointed Regent during their reign and the spouse of a precedessor has authority as a "Royal Advisor for Life".

-"Our Dear Republic of Bourgnew's Constitution holds that no one is above the law, not even the Monarch. With an Oath to preserve the peace and create order by instituting unity and humanity breaking ties with absolute for true democracy."-King Cornelius I of Bourgnew.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the Bourgnewian Monarch and the Bourgnewian Parliament agreed on a less centralized and less overbearing government whose maximum federal officials is 990.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, successor to the Birger Throne goes in order of birth or the Bourgnewian Parliament finds the closest DNA relative if they can't find a descendant. Then, the Bourgnewian Parliament holds successor to the First King's standards.

-Bourgnew's News: Bourgnewians are given cultural rights, social rights, and economic rights according to the Bourgnewian Constitution. The Republic of Bourgnew's Holidays are Grand and Charming.

-The Republic of Bourgnew's Official Flag represents the nation and country as it is a prestigious flag. The Bourgnewian Constitution calls for "Civic Nationalism", which gives freedom, tolerance, equality, individual rights, and multiculturalism under an oath.

-The Bourgnewian Monarch can pardon highest officials and helps the Bourgnewian Parliament fills upper chamber's vacancies, and serves as Chief Commander, according to the Bourgnewian Constitution.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, Bourgnewian Citizenship can be acquired equally and it can be lost. The only way to keep citizenship is by obeying the law and be respectful citizen. Internationally Bourgnew's praise for this amendment.

-"The Bourgnewian Constitution doesn't stop at declaring equity alone but it does more, it proves equity. It has a moral initiative that all governments will not allow one sex or gender to occupy 2/3."-The Bourgnewian Monarch.

-Bourgnewians loved that the Bourgnewian Constitution allows them to be represented by communities-free of racism, ageism, classism, and sexism etc.. And that they could elected Community Judges to reflect their beliefs.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, all Bourgnewians can assembly as long as they are peaceful. Bourgnewians are not allow to have dangerous weaponry or military technologies.

-The Bourgnewian Constitution known as " The People's Constitution" due to be recognized as role model legislation. Selected Royalties are an acceptable law enforcement division ​of the Bourgnewian Parliament and seen as Keepers of Bourgnewian Society.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the greatest laws of the Republic of Bourgnew are enforced by "the Servant leadership", which is a leadership philosophy in which the leader thrive to serve. As role model by the Bourgnewian First King who decreed the laws' formation.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the highest crime is impersonating the Bourgnewian Royalty and their representatives for they will prosecuted to full extent of the law resulting in banishment and if found within borders, they will get a life sentence.

-Child-Welfare Center Education focus on children's welfare over tests, and making children well rounded with cultural and/or religious institutions. The Bourgnewian Constitution established this public education for the Republic of Bourgnew, a first of it's kind.

-The Bourgnewian Constitution authorized a kind of Democratic Republic known for its 200 members of the Senate governing, protecting, and providing for the Republic of Bourgnew's Economy.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the Bourgnewian Monarch can only be married to one spouse at a time without concubines, which is true for every Bourgnewian.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, each Region has a right to be governed as their own parliament apart of the official Bourgnewian Parliament. The Regional government buildings are known and the official residence of The Bourgnewian Parliament-The Bourgnewian National House.

-There are only political parties in the Republic of Bourgnew, who alleged to the Bourgnewian Constitution, prove temperance, and keep their oath can serve. The Bourgnewian Monarch's approval gains national confidence.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, not even the King of Bourgnew can lock a Bourgnewian citizen up for more than 48 hours unless they have been proven to broke a law. And Bourgnewian assets are theirs until death.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, it is illegal for death penalty instilling Rights to Human Dignity and Economic Bill of Rights as A Modern Jeffersonian Republic.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the Bourgnewian Monarch must descend from the Bourgnewian First King, and their spouse is a privileged royalty while both must swear to preserve the Republic of Bourgnew.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, Civil death is abolished, guaranteed right to employment and career choice along with resourceful support and fair employment practices, right to one's religious and philosophical views and offences will carry social responsibilities.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, no governing body must strive to be diverse, it cannot be two-Thirds of one race or gender, it must accept qualified, temperance elected officials.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, offences against officials such as lying carry a sentence of 2-3 years without parole each time in prison if found guilty because they are the King's representatives. And if the defendant is applying or in waiting of Bourgnewian citizenship, automatically revoke if found guilty in addition. Immigrants will be temporarily ban for 2-3 years from the Republic of Bourgnew.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution- The Prime Minister & Cabinet governs foreign relations, The Houses of Representatives governs domestic relations, and Each duchy governs community representation.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, Civil Wedding are primary, Social Class is abolished, education's purpose for child welfare and equality under the law, assets cannot be punishing method, voter suppression abolished, and guaranteed right to all entitlement programs.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution,the rights and freedoms of ideological and philosophical minorities cannot be inexpertly examined or judged. Those who violate will answer to a civil court. The policing of Force Entry is abolished and freedom to swift overturn contempt.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, taxes can be abolished anytime, partially or totally by Parliament and all governing bodies as long as it is voted and approved. Parliament cannot exceed budget nor transfer debt and no tax privilege incentives.

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, the Successor to the Birger Throne of Bourgnew in waiting and appointed by The Bourgnewian Parliament will be called "Regent."

-According to the Bourgnewian Constitution, appointed Regional Senators are in executively charge of The Republic of Bourgnew's Combined Economies, whose purpose is "Sustainable Economic Development." For the local people and for local businesses allocating wealth proportionally.

-His Grace of Bourgnew's Royal Decree under their Constitution creating the Unified College and it's Emblem. The Electoral College abolished in Bourgnew and replaced with Majority Rule. There is also no Federal Bank- Bourgnewian Regional Senators are the Community Leaders of their Region and its Economy. Establishing the Cabinet of Ministers (Scientists and Experts).

-"The National Landmarks of the Republic- The Stars named after the values of our nation: Perpetual, Unity, Humanity, Freedom, Liberty, and Grace."-The Bourgnewian Prime Minister

-The Corneliusan Order will be chosen by the Bourgnewian Monarch. The Bourgnewian Parliament selects the Solomon Order. And The Grand Duchy and the Bourgnewian Prime Minister decides the other orders based on degree of civility, chivarly, and nobility.

-According to the Treaty of Nobilities, the Bourgnewian Parliament will not conquer or subdue other lands, only purchase as reinforced by the Treaty of LaSaille, where the Bourgnewian First King turned over Absolute Titleholder's authority to the Bourgnewian Parliament.

-Under the Treaty of Nobility, Bourgnewian Officials can be foreign born and some are Americans. Further, Bourgnewian Officials follow the set pattern of servant leadership. Bourgnewians and the World nicknamed "Joy Politiicans" to Bourgnewian Officials.

-The Lunar Treaty grants the Republic of Bourgnew rights for tourism, to govern territory and real estate on their Moonland, which is located on the Northeastern part of the Moon.

-"King Cornelius I of Bourgnew and the Bourgnewian Royalty considered European Royalties family and the Bourgnewian Constitution supports the Treaty of Nobilities well wishing alone, no ills or territorial quarrels."-The Bourgnewian Parliament

-The Republic of Bourgnew's lands have Historic Value in Europe given by the Treaty of LaSaille.

-The Bourgnewian Royalty can never been exiled. As the Symbolic Leaders of the Republic of Bourgnew, the Bourgnewian Royalty pays no taxes and according to the Treaty of LaSaille with the Bourgnewian Parliament, the Bourgnewian Royalty gives support dues.

-The Bourgnewian Monarch with the Bourgnewian Parliament agreed to the Materna Spes Treaty, turning over Absolute Titleholder to the Bourgnewian Parliament securing it's democracy.


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