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Bourgnew's Political Declaration

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in humanity
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A Modern Democratic Republic

The Republic of Bourgnew is a Constitutional Parliamentary Democratic Republic

Our nation will be a nation that will be one of creed and many faiths. A nation that will embrace humanity and not divide for meaningless disputes. We believe in freedoms, we believe in hope, and we believe in loyalty. We were founded on principles that are rooted in the goodwill of humanity. We were founded on unity and humanity. Our nation will forever live in its values guided by its innate principles. We will refuse discord and dissension. We will refuse division and divisiveness. Equality and equity are evident in the truest democracy. No one is above the law in the purest republic. We hope for a nation that is conscious of its duty to humanity, a nation that is conscious of its gifts, and a nation that defends its rights. We seek not to invade others' will or create an empire. We seek not to violate rights and freedoms but to avail ourselves in the grace of unity, humanity, freedom, and liberty, and to do so perpetually. We seek the participation of every able citizen to choose the path of their nation, to choose the destiny of their nation, and to choose to follow without constraint.

Balance of Power-Governance is nothing without separation and balance. We must balance authority to preserve each branch. One branch cannot overpower another. One branch cannot cause confusion and division in another branch. Power must be controlled and power must be maintained for the sake of liberty. Power has always been in the hand of the power and when they elected the official they can expect certain results from them. It is undignified to obstruct and commit perjury. To obstruct is to stop the flow of governance. And to commit perjury is to deceive the public. Each branch has the power to re-commit another branch to strengthen the faith of the country. Confidence is key to governance and longevity.

Respect for Authority-The true heart of a democracy and republic lies in the respect for those in power. It cannot be demanded. It cannot be perverted. It must come from decent and respectable accomplishments proving the distinguished and honorable ambitions of the official. Manipulation will not be accepted. Abusing the will of the people and rejecting the highest honor of freedoms and rights will be untolerated and unacceptable. Officials must set the example and keep to the Oath. Pardons of officials will be unusual to preserve the principle that "No one is above the law". Officials must respect each other's power and duties and unadulterate them.

Conservatory of Liberty-We must never reject humanity. We must open our nation to unlimited possibilities that lie in brotherhood and sisterhood. Our bold nation must conserve freedoms by giving everyone a right to come to the table. We must plant ourselves in the fold of democracy and declare liberty to those who seek it. We must reject all mechanisms and maneuvers of hatred. We set ourselves free from oppressive ways and suppressive devices. When the Republic was born, we declared freedom everywhere. We declared ourselves like those who did before us, a nation of liberty, a nation of freedom, a nation of rights, a nation of dignity, a nation of unity, a nation of fulfillment. We must stand for justice. We must stand for these principles as long as we shall live. For it is written in our Constitution to be faithful and duly to the will of freedom and liberty. We object to all bigotry. And because we object to all bigotry will ask for the loyalty of the people, we beseech the loyalty of the people, and we passionately persuaded the loyalty of the people.


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