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Barry Goldwater the man behind Donald trump

by Jacob Dyke 4 days ago in history

Barry Goldwater the man behind modern conservativism

Barry Goldwater the man behind Donald trump

Barry Goldwater the man who too many is a mystery but is important in our timeline he inspire the regeneration of conservativism in America and led to a few of our best known politicians.

Barry Goldwater served in the senate for over 30 years and is best known for the party we know as the Republican Party in the 21st century. He was the 1964 president candidate for the Republican Party winning over Liberal Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York.

The 1964 president election was one of the biggest landside president elections in the history of the United States. Barry Goldwater faced President Lyndon b Johnstone who was very popular and still had lot of support for non-traditional Democrat supporting states e.g. Colorado and California for his stance on civil rights and support after death of president john f Kennedy. Barry Goldwater lost to Johnstone due to Goldwater opposing to civil rights movement and ending poverty which that is directly what Johnstone campaigned on he campaigned on civil rights movement and Vietnam with a main issues of the war in poverty and ending poverty for all Americans.

Barry Goldwater won only 6 states and 52 electors compared to Johnstone 486 electors and 44 states. Goldwater won his home state of Arizona and the Deep South as he base was Condensed to his home state and the deep south due to his Conservative ideas and his opposition the civil rights movement which made him popular in the deep south. He was the first republican to win the Deep South since the reconstruction era in the 1800s.

He also preside in the senate on some of the most important issues we in the 21 century take for granted. He opposed the civil rights movement as he believed that there should be a limited government in our daily's lives. He was the leading figure in telling Richard Nixon it’s time to go in Watergate. He however as a republican who supported LGBTQ+ Rights as the leading republican supporting more aids funding and removing the ban on LGBT people serving in the military

He brought in Conservative policies to the Republican Party which made it the party today like Donald trump did in 2016. He base was very united to him and very loyal to him this is very similar to Donald trump supports who decided to invade the capital for him.

Other politicians took some of his traits such as

Ronald Reagan (president of the United States 1981-1989)

Mike Pence (Vice President of the United States 2017-2021)

Josh Hawley (junior senator of Missouri)

Tom cotton (senator of Arkansas)

Ted Cruz (junior senator of Texas)

Donald J Trump (President of the United States 2017-2021)

To be fair i would consider others as well like Justin Amash and George H w Bush as well as tons of other politicians. His policies had developed some of the most popular and best presidents in our history and has brought forward the current Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

He brought the far right to a divided country in 1964 and put on central stage where for the next 15 years his influence would slowly infected the moderate Republican Party under Gerald ford and would appear with a new face of Ronald Reagan who Conservative policies would match those off Goldwater in the 1960s and would change our politics for ever.

We haven't saw the last of conservativism in the United States and Goldwater influence of the Republican Party won’t leave for a long time and if the Republican Party continues down this path we should be afraid of what could come.

Jacob Dyke
Jacob Dyke
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