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Back in 2020

by Michelle about a year ago in opinion
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For our next generation...

Sitting in my car waiting to take my test for COVID-19, I caught myself dozing off into Michelle’s world and decided to take a picture of me wearing my mask. Before we can any deeper into this blog I do want to warn you for foul language.

Backing up to the wild fire that happened right before this outbreak of a killing desease. Millions of people lost everything. Each other, homes, personal items, animals.. I could go on. Point is we were all in shocked and even if you didn’t pray, you prayed that day. Some of you reading this anytime from now til another 50 years and your going to look back and see 2020 how we see Pearl Harbor. That fire took a toll on all of us even on the east coast.

Cell phone towers, you know those tall silver poles that have a bunch of wires.. well these wonderful communication devices which are called 5G are now enhancing cancer. Ha! As anyone would tell you, your entitled to your own opinion.

We had this digital viewing on these flat screens to allow us to watch movies, series, and documentaries... One of the documentary that I watched one week was Jeffery Epstein. Jefferey Epstein was a horrified monster who treated women unfairly. Gave them nothing but PTSD and broken promises for a successful future. He was loosing his control so bad he took his own life instead of handling his sentencing. I was petrified knowing our current president at the time (Donald Trump) was affliated with Jeffery Epstein in his younger years.

Oh no! It’s been spread through the vine that the puffy cloudy like substance that leaves the airplanes are chemically based and slowly poisoning the human race. 🙀🙀🙀 How dare they! They are called “Contrails” Do yourself a favor and research what that is. Educate yourself. Again, you believe what you believe and I still love you for being you.

Hurricanes and Tornadoes came sweeping in like it was everyone’s last day on earth. One after another. Wham! Wham! Wham! Im still surprised Florida is still hanging in there.

The election is coming up and it’s Donald Trump VS Joe Biden. Let’s see who can convince a jillion humans. Let’s see who’s better even though we are taught from growing up as a kid that we’re all equal. Let’s kill the unborn and make it okay for young women. Let’s categorize humans. Let’s do this and let’s do that. Let alone we have soilders fighting for our freedom and safety but yet we’re held down under one persons thumb, guided to do this and that. What freedom is that..? I didn’t vote this year and I haven’t voted in 6 years. I don’t believe in it and I’m sure I never will.

A bat in China carried a deadly desease and an outbreak happened during this election. Here we go.. diving into another tragedy. Trying to heal from the wildfire. Trying to rebuild up from that. Now thousands of humans are dropping like flies according to the articles. Mandatory Face Masks! Symptoms are Fever, No Taste or Smell, Shortness of Breath, Body Aches, Loss of Appetite. Thousands of businesses died. Toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bread, eggs.. GONE! Factories couldn’t keep up and restrictions were posted on each shelf. 9:00PM then became a curfew for everyone. Gas prices were down to $1.70. Now we are restricted to where mask everywhere and some locations are even hitting people with citations and jail time.

I see it like this, I feel like this world could be better. This is not a world I wanted for my children. They should be able to go run and be happy and healthy. Go to school like normal, hug their friends. Family should be able to get together for gatherings. And people shouldn’t be so fucking mean to each other. 🤘🏼 I’m going to also through some side ways bullshit in here too, Why do we think it’s okay to compare with each other? Without our bodies we are a soul, a spirit.. We move on. I don’t know who or why somebody started this whole judgmental thing as a stupid trend but it’s stupid and so are you. ✌🏼

Im out🖤


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Hi there! I used to write short stories as a child into early teenage years and got seperated from writing. I am coming back to it so with that being said, Tips are greatly appreciated as it will help me on my writing as feedback.

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