America, the Silent

by Sean Alexander 2 years ago in opinion

By, Sean M. Alexander

America, the Silent

America the brave, land of freedom, prosperity, land of diversity, and now the land of mass shootings. The very idea is appalling at best, but if we don’t start taking action, then that is exactly what we will become.

Take heart, it isn’t too late, we CAN do something about it, if we can agree on a plan that is. Which is the root of the problem, AND, it is the beginning of a solution. The truth that none of us want to face up to, is that none of us know what to do. Though, perhaps we can agree on this one statement, that we are scared, for our children, our loved ones, our friends, and our family, and maybe, if we can agree on that one thing, we might very well find a solution.

In order to find a solution, however, both sides would need to come to the discussion with a willingness to listen, consider, and eventually, to reach a compromise. Liberals will have to accept that the right to bear arms is a founding principle that will not be abandoned, they must enter the discussion without the notion of taking all the guns, and a willingness to allow more than they are comfortable with. Conservatives, you will need be able to accept certain limitations, there are so many ways we can create roadblocks for people who would misuse a gun, that don’t include taking YOUR guns away. You will not like everything that may need to happen. Some of it may make your life harder, but wouldn’t that be worth saving a few innocent lives? This reminds me of something one of my favorite authors, Christopher Poulini once wrote, “A good compromise leaves everyone angry.”

Most liberals consider their conservative counterparts to be strong-willed, stubborn, unmoving, and closeminded, and in many cases, they are correct, however, they fail to see the same qualities that are so plainly displayed in themselves. They don’t have any tolerance for anybody who disagrees with them, they have a set way of viewing the world and trying to get past that is near impossible. These are great qualities in a regular debate, but this is far from a regular debate, we must put these things to rest, and act as one, with one plan, one agenda, and one path forward, or we doom our innocent children to death.

One thing is clear, we absolutely must do what it takes to protect our innocent civilians and children, and so far, we aren’t doing enough. There is no room for listening when both sides are arguing. We must come together and look past our differences to find a path we can both live with. The only time our country has ever made real progress is when the two sides talked and planned together. We are strongest together, and that is the key to finding our solution.

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