America at War

Billions of $$$ to protect and destroy ! ! !

America at War

Have you noticed that all of the wars that America has been dragged into by our power hungry and heartless leaders seem to go on and on for decades? We never hear of any talks or negotiations or any desire to resolve the conflicts in the middle east and abroad. Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, Isreal, Palestine to name a few. Isreal and Palestine have been bombing each other for more than half a Millennium. We give them equipment to bomb the Palestinians and other countries give to Palestine to kill the Isrealis.

It is time to cut these war loving countries loose. If they want to destroy each other to no end, then so be it. I am tired of seeing the tax payers money going toward destruction instead of creating a better world for all. We could leave all of these conflicts and they would continue on without us saving billions of TAX PAYERS money on the betterment of our country. But our twisted and degenerate so-called "Leaders" think joining others conflicts of murder and destruction is no more than an opportunity to have some REAL LIVE TARGET PRACTICE, YE HAW! The Afgan war has been going on for literally decades. Russia played with them for a while and got bored and left. Then America decided it would come over and test out some of Americas latest weapons of destruction on some live targets. Now Both Russia and the American Government are in Syria together destroying live targets and human beings at will with no recourse or justification other than we can do what we want because we are so powerful and nobody can stop us, or the Russians.

A taste of the reality of what WE AMERICANS do to others.

If it were here and your family?

Reality check. Americans are great at blaming others. We the people blame the government and don't do anything about it.We the people are just as responsible if we just stand here and watch this disgusting display of power. Our corrupt government makes up lies and tries to talk its people into believing that our mission is RIGHT, TRUE and PURE as we slaughter thousands and cause destruction wherever we go with no sense of any value towards life and no real end to its means. We continuously show no respect for life and others right to exist.

Not a dent....

This photo shocked the world and brought some reality to the wars around the world.

This picture just about broke the heart of the average person in this world. It went viral for a while and faded into nothingness. It didn't even make a dent to the people that are holding the American political system and its people hostage. We don't have a government anymore. We have a group of rich people positioned into our system to serve one thing. And that is to make the rich and powerful, more rich and powerful. At any cost of human life and suffering. They command the people to kill and die for them in the name of GREED and POWER. Nothing else. The people of America have become an end to their means and your life and happiness Mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THEM!

ALL about $$$

These people think they own their respective Countries.

The distribution of wealth in this Country is on a crash course to the NEXT American revolution that has already started. We are in a peaceful stage of this New American Revolution and I am hopeful that a peaceful resolution to the violent act the Republicans are committing on the American people. It may not be a "blatant" attack but these attacks are going to and do cost the lives of the greatest resource Our country has and that is its people. Taking away health care and necessary resources from the people that make this country great is like shooting yourself in the foot. (In every metaphorical way possible.)

We have had enough.

Our Government knows who holds the real power to change this World, they just hope we don't assert ourselves.

How bad are we going to allow this to get in our country? Our whole political system is so corrupt and geared toward funneling huge amounts of wealth into the hands of the rich. Case in point; The presidential election generated around a billion dollars in "Campaign Contributions" and the people who financed this election had NOTHING to do with the outcome. This ENTIRE election was just for show. Donald Trump ran a campaign like he had nothing to lose, raised just a fraction of the money than Clinton, and lost the election by over 3,000,000 votes? Yet Trump is our President. He was selected by the puppeteers and placed in office. He did have nothing to lose because he was pre-selected and they proceeded to extort a billion dollars from the People. The "Electoral College" decided the will of the people didn't count and Trump will have that title. I don't know anything about these people (like most Americans) and I know one thing for sure. THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WAS NOT SERVED IN THIS SO CALLED "ELECTION". Not that Clinton would have been much better. She is a BIG part of this CORRUPT system we call a Government. Here is a whole shitload of truth to chew on America. Wake up America and take your blinders off. It's not pretty but we the people have a loud voice and it is only us that can make good changes for the entire country. We just have to speak loudly.


If you have ever question this, than good. You ought to.

Wow, what a circus and a joke our 2016 Presidential election was. I have never been more embarrassed to be an American than I was during this childish display of lies and hate and deceit. Of course, until Donald J Trump came into office. Donald J Trump has proven to be even a bigger ASS and a DISGRACE to this ONCE amazing country. (We still have amazing people. Real Americans ROCK ! ! !) He and other Leaders of late, here and abroad (like our little puppet Not so Great Brittan) have turned our wealthy Countries into funnels of wealth with their slaves to hold the flow into their pockets. They want to live like kings in this land of plenty while withholding and leaving us with some scraps for doing all the work. Something is wrong with this picture. Americans are getting screwed over and the rich are in full mode to take more and more until we are standing in bread lines. The GREEDY HOARDERS in our country think they will continue to take, and take.Until we stop them. We can't count on Politicians to intervene with themselves. We can't expect the problem to fix the problem. That has proven to be a fruitless endeavor.

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