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Afghanistan Failure, Vietnam 2.0

by Lawrence Edward Hinchee about a year ago in opinion
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We left way too soon

Scenes from the Vietnam War

The break down of security and safety for the citizens of Afghanistan has me concerned. As I watched bodies fall from the airplane on Monday, it brought to mind another tragic day, September 11. I have many friends from that area of the world, whose families are still there. Today, a military cargo flight with 823 passengers took off from Kabul, now departures are halted because the refugee centers are full.

I could sit here and say it was a failed policy of the current administration and it is. But when you decide to pull out of a country, take your military hardware with you. Don't leave it behind for the enemy. Those who have helped us as interpreters, and provided intelligence now hide in fear. We also left behind information on those who helped us and their addresses, which the Taliban is using to track down those who have helped the United States. Why are they hunting them down? Well they aren't giving amnesty to them, they are killing each and everyone by beheading them.

The purpose of this piece is not to criticize another person's religion or to put down any religious belief. The only way we are going to rid the world of those who think that terrorizing women and children is the answer is wrong. A five year old boy should be playing with his teddy bear, not beheading it as a practice for when he gets older. I have empathy and sympathy for the citizens of Afghanistan. Now I fear for the ones who helped the United States and feels abandoned by us. I heard the all too familiar phrase the other day when asked about the people falling off the airplane, the response was that was four to five days ago. Basically at this point what difference does it make.

There are several things I worry about in that country. In a Muslim Country, homosexuality is forbidden. The gay men that are caught, get thrown from the roof top. I fear for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters as the Taliban has said they intend to drop walls on them. I am worried about the Christians who live there and will have to pay a tax just to live as second class citizens. How does the world stop this behavior? One thing is don't count on the United Nations for any assistance. They support the radical regimes.

The best way to combat this is for world leaders to publicly condemn this aggressive behavior. Second impose sanctions on them that is just as crippling as the ones on North Korea. Third call on neighboring countries to condemn the actions of this barbaric group and to help facilitate a lasting peace in the region. America can't continue to be the world's policing power and military force.

One of those who fell off the military aircraft was 19 and on the Afghan youth national football team. He decided instead of waiting for death he would die under his own terms. What a brave young man to decide his own destiny. I think he knew when holding onto the landing gears as the aircraft took off, eventually he was going to have to let go. What could have been for the Afghan football team, we will never know.

A country that has known a peace and calm over the last twenty years, now will know nothing but war and division. What a mess that the Biden administration has left behind. What about all of our men who sacrificed life and limb to clear out the Taliban? Twenty years of war that had no real exit strategy except turn tail and run. My supervisor at work who was blown up by an ied, lost his right foot and broke his shoulder is not only pissed but now deals with PTSD because he is questioning what was the real mission that justified his injuries. As a veteran of the armed forces, I too am disheartened by the actions of this administration. At least when Jimmy Carter's rescue mission failed in Iran, he got on national television and took full responsibility for the failure. That's a true leader.

Now some of our allies are questioning whether we will be around to help them. Allies such as South Korea are asking that very question. Since I liken this to the failures of Vietnam, I have included a song from that era. The president said our allies were praising us for our leadership, but when you listen to their speeches it is anything but support. England is blasting President Biden for his handling of the withdrawal of troops. Did Biden just destroy NATO with his actions?

I am sorry but the citizens of Afghanistan deserved better and we failed them. We failed to back their military, who was left scrambling after our exit. I pray for the people of Afghanistan. Now the Taliban mocks one of the most iconic monuments in America, the one with the Marines keeping the flag up, also the Taliban is


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Lawrence Edward Hinchee

I am a new author. I wrote my memoir Silent Cries and it is available on I am new to writing and most of my writing has been for academia. I possess an MBA from Regis University in Denver, CO. I reside in Roanoke, VA.

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