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"Accurate Labels"

by Johnathon Lee 11 months ago in controversies

Laws that affect our lives.

"Accurate Labels"

"Accurate Labels" are everything. - March 6th, 2020

I am not a fan of politics or laws or lawmaking, but I do care about the future and health of myself and my loved ones. Working in the Food and Beverage industry, this new proposed law peaked my interest.

"Accurate Labels Act" H.R. 6044 sounds appropriate enough, but all laws sponsored or co-sponsored by a Republican, I have to question. Only because I know where there are Republicans involved, there are corporations involved. Laws have become the powerful tools for corporations these days and they've gotten very good at getting what they want, which isn't usually good for the rest of us.

This is especially true when it comes to product labeling of radiation and chemicals. I wanted to find out more information if only because not doing so would be negligent on my part, and I'd have no one to blame for serving that unlabeled cancer causing milk shake, except myself. So, out of self preservation, I did some research. Without much help from a google news search (Laws are not "trending" news these days.), I was forced to actually read the Act H.R. 6044 to figure out what exactly they are trying to do.

So after deciphering through the law school jargon, I found that sneaky little parasite, hiding among all those words and their definitions. Basically, this law usurps State laws like the one in California that require companies to label harmful chemicals and products that according to Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of the great State of Illinois, are "harms that do not exist". He is stating in not so many words, that these laws and their lawmakers are out of their collective minds and the Federal government should step in and give these corporations a free pass.

Apparently to this Republican Congressman, these chemicals "do not harm" because it doesn't meet the threshold of what "Science" says is harmful or not harmful. This is the same science that allowed the EPA to dump cancer causing pesticides into our food chain. The same science that continues to allow brain damage causing Canola oil (the cheap synthetic cooking oil used in millions of restaurants, food companies and homes today), to be continually sold for profit and consumed to this day. (Okay, it is shown to cause brain damage in mice, not humans.) But just think about that for a minute. According to, humans are 85% genetically identical to mice, give or take. The question becomes, why? Why do we continue to potentially poison ourselves? For what purpose?

H.R. 6044 is yet another Trojan Horse, guised as "accurate labeling", to "protect" consumers and it does, as you might have guessed, the exact opposite. This law and the chemical corporations that are sponsoring it (make no mistake), are attempting to handicap State laws that are actually meant to protect consumers, in their own state, because the Federal government is unwilling.

According to Kinzinger's website the law works by "Allowing state-mandated product information to be provided through smartphone-enabled “smart labels” and on websites, where consumers can find up-to-date, relevant ingredients and warnings;". So without a "smartphone", you don't get the information and warnings and so in a nutshell, if you don't have a smartphone, you don't matter.

For a congress that can't even figure out what "wifi" is and a public who still addicted to alcohol, corn syrup, caffeine and nicotine, these same people are supposed to use their smartphones to snap "smart labels" and go "on-line" to see the State mandated warning labels. Who are we kidding here? H.R. 6044 is yet just a sneaky ploy to get around labeling products accurately. Nefarious indeed.

Kinzinger goes on to say "and imposes unnecessary and costly regulatory burdens for producers.” Oh, those poor producers!!! All they want to do is make a profit, we should really leave them alone. It costs too much money to label products accurately. Big government is taking our profits from us. What a bunch of cry babies. Meanwhile these same "producers" have been sending people to hospitals, and morgues, racking up insurance claims and healthcare costs for decades because of their products that their payroll "scientists" emphatically claim, cause "no harm".

These chemical corporations want a free pass to profit without these silly consumer protection laws. Laws aren't meant for companies to follow, laws are for consumers so that can't protest when we do things wrong. Laws are for the police to keep the masses subdued when they get upset. Oh there's a State law? We will just put a "link" on the label and people can go online to find out what's going to make them sick. States don't matter. It's the Federal government, it's our money so if you don't listen we won't give you the funds for your schools, state parks and infrastructure. This is the reality.

For the Republican party that is supposedly against "big government" they don't mind Federal government and Federal laws when it suits their purposes. But Republicans are not the only villains in this drama. The co-sponsor of the bill is Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon. I am surprised that a democrat from a progressive state like Oregon is co-sponsoring this bill, but I suppose even democratic lawmakers in Oregon have to pay the bills somehow.

I'm sure the lawmaker is getting some benefit somewhere for putting his name on this seemingly innocuous bill. Why else would he? Yeah "Accurate Labels Act", sure… sounds good. "Citizens United", yeah citizens need to unite, sounds good. "The Patriot Act"… vote against it? That means you're not a patriot, you had better vote for it. Law making has become nefarious indeed.

From : "But if the last iteration of the bill is any indicator, it is likely to be met with vocal opposition from consumer advocacy groups, which dismissed the earlier legislation as an "underhanded and deceitful attempt by the chemical industry to strike down laws"."

For those of you in Illinois and Oregon, please contact your Representatives and find out more information about this law. Ask the questions and you decide what is right and wrong. What's that? You are too busy working 50 hours a week to pay for your mortgage, food, bills and insurance?… oh well. At least the law sounds good. I mean who doesn't want "accurate labels" ?

To see just how good corporations have become at being nefarious... check out this article from the L.A. Times about America's and now the world's favorite cancer causing herbicide. A glyphosate labeling law should be international, let alone state or national. As we can see from the conoravirus diseases and illnesses know no borders.

Johnathon Lee
Johnathon Lee
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