A taste of what's to come Vol. 2

Another snippet from the title that I may or may not be coauthoring.

A taste of what's to come Vol. 2
Random sunrise just outside of DC (aka "Don't Come").

This is yet another open letter of sorts. Without further ado:

16OCT2020; 0020, FRI


I can't say that your points are wholly invalid; though, I'm somehow just realizing that as likely one of the only Libertarians to believe in Universal Basic Income (UBI), I definitely somehow forgot to mention my essentially strong support of the philosophy in my reply to your initial letter. I can immediately come up with at least two ostensibly strong arguments for that particular initiative that I will attempt to illustrate by the end of this reply.

If I may immediately address your comments on the upcoming women's march, I will do so now:

My understanding of the matter is that it's being planned by the same people who organized the annual marches which began the day after Drumpf was inaugurated. If I can somehow free myself up and find someone to watch my back, I will attend.

In regards to the leadership of the growing populist movements, and to reference the late Revolutionary, Che Guevara in this final day of Hispanic Heritage month, the indignation that burns inside of you towards them so-called leaders is righteous, in my humble opinion (IMHO). There's far too many unjustifiable matters involved with the movements, simple and plain.

As far as racism goes, I once had a professor contend that it's impossible for Blacks to be racist, given that the philosophy is more or less tethered to power and systematic oppression. While I tend to disagree with that particular notion, I would argue that the nation, and the entire world by extension, has a propensity to lean on implicit bias; which could feasibly go the way of the dodo bird with a moderately adequate attempt at atonement for slavery as well as Jim Crow (i.e. reparations/restitution).

While it's painfully obvious that I am not in popular territory among right-leaning voters, it's just as self evident to me that the process is one that must begin soon if we're to somehow avoid "a fate worse than Sodom", to reference the living legend Ms. Lauryn Hill (MLH) on her MTV Unplugged album from 7MAY2002. Sticking with the Sodom references: rumor has it that "God will have to judge America" or "apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah"- Pastor John Hagee (2015).

Now, granted the joke was written in response to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS)'s ruling on same sex marriage, there's some truth to it in regards to the overall state of The Union (IMHO). Surely there's gotta come a time when the gears of war come to a grinding halt and introspection gives way to remorse?

I will not pretend to be the most enlightened advocate of reparations, or anywhere in that ballpark. However, what on earth is supposedly preventing the nation from prioritizing both financial and actual literacy for Black youth, along with young Americans in general?

Economic and opportunity disparities notwithstanding, there's almost a semi-valid argument for the vile treatment that Blacks received during the Reconstruction era, as well as in the subsequent decades (and even to the present). In short: So called Caucasians would feasibly be much closer to, if not completely succumbed to, the negative end of the Darwinian spectrum.

Had the only group in America, during Reconstruction, to have a major shared origin and a new relative wealth redistribution been allowed to grow unfettered...It's reminiscent of the political cartoon of that era featuring an older White man standing with a smoking gun, over an incapacitated Black child.

"If I hadn't have killed ya, you'd have grown up to rule me."- A.B. Frost's 1876 editorial cartoon, In Self-Defense. I inadvertently failed to mention the sharp dagger in the Southerner's off hand should his trusty revolver somehow fail him.

With all that being said, according to my fav daily newsletter, there's now a burger flipping robot that can "increase profit margins by 300% in short order restaurants" as well as an autonomous and solar powered lawnmower bot that will likely upend the $1+ B commercial landscaping industry. "Imagine, if you will, a world where" retired seniors and fledgling teens can't even supplement their "allowances" with traditional entry level positions.

If that's not an airtight case for UBI in the Information Age, then I'm at a loss. In any event, I'm finna cut this letter short for various reasons. Apologies for not addressing all of your points.

Thanks for officially embarking on this journey with me. I intend to "Do better" in the future, to reference the classic Yeezy verse from 2 Chainz's 2012 track, "Birthday Song." Peace for now.

Blessings on blessings,


Darrius Dickerson
Darrius Dickerson
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