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by Nefarious Darrius about a year ago in opinion

Snippet from a title that I may or may not be coauthoring.

Random shot that I took while strolling around DC (aka "Don't Come").

A more or less random open letter to a very close friend. Without further ado:

15OCT2020; 1555, THU

Dear Fam,

That was quite a bit of insight to digest and I'd like to jump right into my reply:

Minor typos and relative lengthiness notwithstanding, it was a refreshing delight to intake your conveyance. At any rate, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that it appears you forgot to sign the initial letter with your pseudonym.

As I write this, there's yet another Women's March being planned for this weekend in my backyard that I regret I'm likely unable to attend. I'm praying that it's actually mostly peaceful and not just in the CNN sense (I crack myself up).

In any event, I'm certainly in agreement with you that this election is singularly unique. Granted, I haven't followed too many campaigns closely; though, if I were a betting man, I'd wager that just about, if not every local politico would have to concede that fact.

In addition, I'm undoubtedly in agreement that the "higher ups", as we called them back when I was in, are more often than not selected rather than elected. With that being said, I don't really have an answer for you as to why the engineered chaos seems to be a thing; other than perhaps matters have snowballed out of control?

Full disclosure: I'm finna attempt to finish this letter by the closing bell of the NYSE, in the next 47 minutes. So if I don't get to all of your points in this particular penning, that's why.

Right back to it: Your opining of BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa are feasibly not completely off the mark. They arguably leave a bad taste in the mouth of just about every so-called "right winger" that encounters and/or studies them in depth.

That's not to say that they only raise illegitimate points, or that some Libertarians such as myself don't sympathize with them. However, if I may be so cavalier, it appears as if many of the recent, significant historical lessons are lost on them.

For example, why disband the nuclear family structure when that is essentially what upheld similar movements almost singlehandedly? "Does not compute."

I must admit: While it's self evident that the pallets of bricks make the air akin to that of the infamous fish markets in the Pacific Northwest, I was all but wholly unaware of the knee pads, helmets, and shields supposedly provided to the protesters. Suspicious funding and whatnot notwithstanding, there's something to be said about the relative virility of the movements.

Random: I love your anecdotal reference to their gorilla warfare tactics. Well worth the wait!

On the subject of virility though, I had not even the faintest notion about the homicides and accidents being counted as Coronavirus fatalities. I can't pretend to be surprised however.

In a similar vein, I had no clue about the patents you mentioned, or the HIV/AIDS comparisons. Again though, considering the fact that the average American has no clue who discovered that HIV leads to AIDS, as well as the factoid that no one has ever seen his research, I can't feign bewilderment.

Also random: I absolutely adore your "fly on the wall" imagined convo from Bilderberg. If all of America learned about them tomorrow though, I fear that it would be an unfortunate case of "a day late and a dollar short".

Speaking of which though, I'm making it my personal mission to find the video you mentioned of the British parliament's members laughing and joking about the pandemic, by this time tomorrow. That's actually liable to free us all of the draconian measures and blatant misinformation we're all for the most part dealing with and ingesting on a regular basis.

Well, my letter has about half the words of yours; though, I pray that it might could be a springboard of sorts regardless. Thanks for essentially being the catalyst for this project.

As always, stay blessed,



Nefarious Darrius

A Grunt that’s been stuck in traffic for the past few decades, it seems; from DC to SEA & Iraq, to back in The District. Also, I love my Younglings more than life. My Born Day: 4/20.

P.S.- My apparel brand is live! Voila:

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