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by robert massimi about a year ago in opinion

Looking After American's.

People are talking about voting November 3erd. What is being said is "this is the most important election ever". The truth is, they're right, it is. I have watched American jobs being shipped overseas since the 1970's. I have watched American factories leave cities like: Troy, N.Y., Paterson, N.J., Detroit, Michigan and East St. Louis. The opt word for this is globalization; the idea that being part of the greater world is for the greater good. Since the 1970's , both parties have gave away good paying factory jobs to places like :China, Korea, Vietnam, Shri Lanka and India. Many of these politicians have lined their own pockets doing so and all the while hurt our country.

America should never know poverty, the smart and well educated have a responsibility to look after the less so. In the 70's, a person could collect even minimum wage and still buy a house, a car and put there children through college. When the factory jobs went away, not only were people not able too do that, the areas they lived in became blighted out, crime infested ghettos. Today, the aforementioned cities are drug dens, poverty stricken hell holes. Politicians every four years pay lip service (Jimmy Carter visiting the South Bronx), but do little after election to correct the problem.

With Bill Clinton's NAFTA/GATT and George W. Bush's Fair Trade With China's act, I decided that I would do everything I could to help American's. By joining a non globalist society, I am now able to get out in front of people and lay out the history behind these dastardly deeds. History has shown us that globalization goes all the way back to president Woodrow Wilson, and that many wanted a one world global order since that time. Don't believe it? George H.W. Bush used the term "New World Order" 26 times when he was president, he even used it at one State of The Union Address. Make no mistake about it, New World Order is equal to a one world order for globalizing which equals screwing the American worker and hurting our country.

In my lifetime only a few presidents were non globalist's: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan (before he was shot) and Trump. Every other president shipped more and more jobs overseas; exacerbated by Nixon. How is that possible? One must ask: how do people like Nixon, Clinton, Johnson, Obama and Ford go into the Oval Office poor and come out filthy rich? Cutting deals is what politicians do best and it often means enriching themselves.

The one society at the forefront which calls out phony' politicians, foundations and societies is The John Birch Society. The JBS is a anti globalist, America first society. All races, religions and people from various backgrounds belong to the JBS. Our society takes to the streets to get the message of what happens in Washington DC. We bring to light the sleezy back room deals that hurt out country and exactly how the carry jobs out of our country. From factory workers, to how wars start, even how places like Hollywood are now affected, we fight tirelessly for America.

People paint the John Birch Society as a fanatical organization; the society is anything but. Globalists like The Ford Foundation; The Rockefeller Foundation; The Gates Foundation as well as George Soros try to paint us as "nuts"; nothing could be farther from the truth. JBS looks out for America and Americans first. We team up with companies like Judicial Watch to bring the criminality to light. We question how and why things happen.

Bringing jobs back and breaking up shadowy organizations will make our country both better and stronger. Why do we have poverty in this country? Why do we fight meaningless wars? Some people just want disorder like protests that are going on in places like Seattle, Portland, New York City and San Francisco. It has been proven that people like George Soros are behind these protests, they are funded by new world order people and organizations. Chaos is their brand, so is socialism. When you vote Nov. 3erd, vote for the man who has lifted all people and not just a few. The other guy has been in Washington for 47 years and has done nothing to help Americans. Together, let's take down The New World Order.


robert massimi

I have been writing on theater since 1982. A graduate from Manhattan College B.S. A member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, which recognizes excellence in both English and Science. I have produced 12 shows on and off Broadway. I've seen over700 shows

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robert massimi
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