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A Crappy 2020

by Johann Hollar 3 months ago in trump

But at least we got a newer, better President

.sFace it people: 2020 was the worst year for a lot of people.

The fact that we now real leadership coming in the form of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has so far been the best thing to happen this year (other than Ghost of Tsushima, Assassins Creed: Valhalla and the Playstation 5 being released)

But, 2020 has proven to be worse than 2016.

Here are some examples out of what might be many.

The appearance of the Failed Spartan

When you think of the Spartans you probably think of Gerard Butler in 300, Kratos from God of War or even the various artistic images of Spartans seen on the internet and in various other forms of popular culture.

This fellow, whoever he may be, is quite the opposite of what real Spartans look like.

He clearly drinks Trump's brand of kool-aid. He doesn't look like the kind of guy who hits the gym, practices fighting arts or weapons of any kind, if this guy were to face down the Persians, he'd run like the little bitch that he is.

Not the worst thing to see this year, but I wanted to make you aware of this phony, so-called Trump warrior and say that I am more of a warrior than he is.

Trump ignoring Covid-19

Quite obvious isn't?

One thing this picture doesn't mention is how the Failure-In-Chief had a pandemic response team that was put in by Obama removed.

This pathetic excuse for a human being removed something that would have helped fight against Covid-19 just to spite his predecessor (who actually made America a great country) and inflate his ego.

Now that we have this crap going on, he still insists that Virus will just "magically disappear" when he is still denying responsibility for the deaths of over 286,000 of this nation's citizens* or even having morons loyal to him put in place to give answers that will make only him happy.

So many people dead, but plenty of delusional idiots are made happy.


Trump NOT getting impeached

Just look at how happy this POS at not being held accountable. Makes me sick.

You'd think that after the mountain of evidence, the Orange Fuhrer's rhetoric, the Mueller Investigation and the Quid-Pro-Quo with the Ukraine that led to his impeachment, one would think that was the end of Trump.

Then Mitch "Moscow" McConnell obstructed justice by not allowing witnesses or documents to be subpoenaed and the Republicans (minus Romney) went along with this. Thus, Trump was acquitted (not pardoned) and was free to take his revenge on Gordon Sondland and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

Further proof that the road to hell is paved with Republicans.

Anti-Mask idiots

I don't know where I should even begin, there are so many morons out there from the Karens who cause scenes because they are "forced" to wear a mask to the idiot militia group that "attempted" to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer over the lock-down. Then of course you have idiots burning their masks in protest over having to wear them when they are not ignoring social-distancing guidelines.

These idiots are being told by professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci about the importance of washing one's hands, wearing a face covering, keeping your distance and not going out too much.

But surprise, surprise, people did the opposite and now multiple business are shutdown if not out of business thanks to these morons and other Trump loving scum.

George Floyd's death

The pandemic was bad enough, but Officer Derek Chauvin putting his knee on George Floyd's neck causing his death while the other officers did nothing to stop his death, was a big mistake.

The city of Minneapolis was in a state of chaos from rioters and looters, who also burned down the Third Precinct, the Minneapolis police did nothing but protect Chauvin in his own residence while the city burned, and the do- nothing President said that Governor Tim Walz's response to the unrest as a 'laughingstock'*.

The real laughingstock is having a president who does nothing to end the violence and ignores a pandemic at the same time.


Hopefully things will get better

I am not entirely optimistic about the future of America since the infection of Trump's evil will linger on for years to come.

But as many of you have witnessed with the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and vaccines being made for Covid-19, the future of the country is not as dark as we have all feared.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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Johann Hollar

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