A Confusing Time

Fighting for Human Decency

A Confusing Time
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We are a generation that has already faced so much. There are those who are preyed upon for their race, gender, sexual orientation, the characteristics these individuals were born with. How do we say to someone that they are less than, that they are not normal, that they are destined to be hated and scolded for plainly being who they are?

We are living in a day and age where it is okay to be racist, sexist, homophobic, and mysoginistic. We have a leader that encourages individuals to feel proud for having these thoughts, thoughts that lead to violence, discrimination, and racism. It is not okay, whether he allows us to believe this or not.

I do not want a leader who represents all the things wrong with America today. On the contrary, I feel it is good we now see all those dark parts that were hidden for so long. We now see how horrible our government, justice system, and even citizens can be. However, this doesn't excuse the mess that is our country.

Our country is protecting individuals who feel that violence towards immigrants or even people of color, that have been here for centuries, is okay. It leads us to believe that telling someone to "Go back to your own country" is okay. A man (if you can even call him that) went out and killed two people, and is getting away with it. This is not how America is supposed to be. We should not cater to the likes of murderes, psychopaths, and monsters.

Regardless of your political standing, you should recognize the absurdity that is our country at this very moment. No, I am not saying that murdering on either side is more wrong. Either way it is a huge deal. However, when a black man goes and kills someone, regardless of the circumstances, he is jailed immidiatly. When a white man (especially law enforcement in this case) goes and kills a black man however, he is somehow able to escape the law.

It just doesn't add up.

Now you might ask why I am so concerned with this, especially when it happens to be a white women speaking about these problems. Yes, I may be white. But ask yourself, where did you come from? You may have been born here, but so were millions of my generation that were born from their immigrant parents.

We are the ones that need to stand and fight, if it was you being told to go back to your own country, how would you feel, when America is the only life you've ever known. This is how it is for so many Americans, our citizens. You can't deny them their humanity because you don't like that they look, or the way their mind works, or the life they were given.

We need individuals from all sides of life to stand up and fight for this. It won't happen easily, even with the outcry that is finally making change, there still has to be those of us who stand up for the things we don't experience. I may not be a person of color, I may not be discriminated against on a daily basis, and I may not be underpriveleged, but I will fight for those who are.

Grace Genet
Grace Genet
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