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A Citizen Legislature

by Jill Claude Hamilton about a year ago in opinion
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Time to Man Up & Get the Job Done

Congress unleased a twitter storm today

We have been operating our government contrary to its design... & very obviously it isn’t working. Much good has come from the last 4 years, (I am not here to argue that today) but the best that’s come from the latest “Revolution” in our country... the average, ordinary Americans have become much more educated about our Constitution, how our gov't is to work for the citizens, the SWAMP in every community across the country is being exposed, & citizens are taking action to resume their position as rightful owner of this government & it's operation. When the people fear government there is tyranny, & that Woman in Lansing has been counting on just that reality... when the gov't fears it's citizens there is freedom.

I know that the "elected" in Lansing feel unappreciated 'cause they get grief at every turn & "nothing they ever do is right"... blah blah blah... I hate to have to be the bearer of bad news... that's the job. If it isn't a fit, that's fine, a lot of us have worked jobs & realized that it wasn't gonna be our thing... quit your bitchin', man up, & get the job done. Or give the job to someone who will.

Most importantly though, our government is designed to be a citizen legislature. We should never have had to utter the words "career politician". "We, the people" need to step up & fill those seats. But only after we've built something, managed something, learned how to make sure the people counting on you get paid, do so 1st, so that God Willing... you will eventually get paid too. The strongest leaders Think Big after having lived small. They also understand the "sowing & reaping" process & appreciate the sacrifice we all make during the "sowing" season. It's harder to take what isn't yours when you've had to grow your own & had it stolen.

My generation, in my humble opinion, grew up in the greatest time in the history of the world of growing up... & we seem to have lost the lessons of our childhood... my friends tell me all the time how much harder it is for kids today. Please... no child today has ridden in a car w/ plastic seats with no air conditioner next to my sister you who is the walking "talking" version of "Chatty Cathy" who's string has been pulled. I had to talk on a phone that was attached to the wall & got scolded regularly because I would "tie it up" for 2 hours or more. invariably, a family member would call & only get a busy signal. It was never an emergency, but I was reminded if there ever was an emergency… they wouldn’t be able to get thru. Ha! Nor has any child today had to answer a phone without knowing who was at the other end of the line. Have you seen the clothes they made us wear in the 70's? Regardless… every generation of child has it tough, it’s called childhood. You don't know anything about anything & your only source of information is your parents, & you start getting around other people & their families, & they are all weird according to how your family does stuff, & then you're thrust into high school where you think you're an adult, but your brain still doesn't work completely... & then you grow, and develop, and mature. Just like every generation before us. It's called life.

Our generation has been given the greatest gift by every generation before us, and it's our turn to defend Liberty for the generations to follow. Tough or not. Heartbreaking or not.

Our current crop of politicians has rigged the game against you & ARE MOCKING YOU! because you keep going back to the trap for the cheese. It's time step up, speak up, & restore order... IMHO


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