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23 Donald Trump Illustrations that Sum Up America's Feelings Perfectly

Making America great again, one illustration at a time.

By A. Walter CoxPublished 7 years ago 1 min read
Top Story - April 2017
Donald Dump by Eli Williamson

Humanity has always had a history of expressing social, political, and personal views using artwork. In Ancient Greece, the artwork extolling political figures took the form of statues and paintings on amphorae. In the 1850’s, it was a political cartoonist by the name Thomas Nast who outed Boss Tweed’s corruption through the form of easy to understand comics published in a local paper. Today, artists who are inspired to speak out against political figures are doing so through digital art - and what these pictures showing Trump definitely say more than a thousand words on how the artists feel about the president’s actions.


by Tierra Connor

"Pieces of meat"

by Jo Breese

The Donald

by Daniel Escudeiro


by Emese Kovács

Donald Trump Zombie T-Shirt

by Brian Allen

Trump Can't Swim

by Joseph Donnison

Cherry Vanilla (Trump Portrait)

by Sergei Cordov

make everything great again

by Designer BONANU

Devil Trump

by Kirsten Ulve

by Samuel B. Thorne


by Mr Cup


by Joseph Donnison

Trump Nazi

by Steve Brodner

Trump Shaker

by Chris Piascik

by Mitch Oconnell


by FOREAL Studio

Nude Trump

by Illma Gore

Angry Ooomp Loompa

by David Lacasse

Donald Trump

by Franco Nieri

Trump Talk

by Eugene Smith

A Day in the Life

by Steve Ash


by sidd wills

Trump Rally

by Leonardo Gonzalez


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