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Election 2020


With the United States government in complete polarization between both parties, the wheels of progress have almost come to a complete halt. In a bygone era when just compromise was inevitable, the wheels of progress rolled right along. Sure, there were bumps along the way, but none so high as to stop the way. Now, as we head toward 2020, much has to be done, not only to secure a better future, but to make sure there is a future.

Today, we still have leaders whose insistence that the severity of global warming and climate change have been over-exaggerated. This when the scientific community has concluded that the Earth is rapidly reaching a point of no return. Sea levels are already rising, which is putting more of the Earth's population in peril. This peril means that humanity is faced with mass migrations and will ultimately push mankind to the breaking point.

This great challenge of the 21st century has to be met if mankind ever expects to survive. We have to have leaders who are willing to do what is necessary for the future of all. This means that our continued consumption of fossil fuels at present rates has to be greatly reduced now. We have to immediately replace those fuel sources with renewable green energy. We have the technology, and the ability, but what is lacking is the political will power to distance from the political money grab directly linked to the political corruption that has polarized our political process.

Questions now have to be asked. Will 2020 be too late to inaugurate the policies and reforms necessary to combat one of mankind's greatest threats? The United States has the capacity and the capability of leading the world to meet the great challenges of the 21st century. Yet, we still have our political process tied to corporate interests still not willing to recognize what fossil fuels have and are doing to every life on this planet. The money that is invested in fossil fuels still is the most powerful tool in keeping the United States from doing what is right for all humanity.

The other question is for all those seeking to mount a Presidential campaign: How do we turn this nation from a splintered mass of mixed ideologies into one united nation ready, willing, and able to lead the world in securing a better future for all? It starts with the leaders we choose. This is why 2020 is so important. Today, we have an administration that is beholden to all those corporate interests that refuse to realize the dangers of not implementing the changes needed to secure that better future for all is attainable. Then there is the Democratic Party, which has also been caught up in the money grab that has blinded them from choosing candidates that offer real authentic change.

As it stands today, the Democratic party has become too splintered to mount an effective agenda with one candidate for President. And until the DNC realizes that when there are so many potential Democratic candidates where egos always block reasoning the ability of the United States in effectively leading the charge on renewable green energy usage will push the world that much closer to that breaking point. The Democratic Party has to get behind that one person who has captivated the majority of Americans, and has proven his ability to pull much of this nation together. And until they do our future is very questionable.

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