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Top 5 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software Solutions

This article encompasses the topmost white label crypto solutions

By Denver HemsworthPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Top 5 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software Solutions

With Bitcoin halving around the corner, The interest in Blockchain Technology is drastically increasing. Setting up the Cryptocurrency Exchange offers tremendous business opportunities in the Crypto realm and is booming globally. Nowadays, the term Cryptocurrency Exchange might often be heard and it is changing every business person's financial transactions. Digital currencies like Cryptos are clutched by an ample amount of people’s wallets and make their transactions easier.

Because of the inspiring story of Cryptocurrency Exchange, many startups and entrepreneurs want to place their foot in the Cryptocurrency realm by starting their own White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script software solutions along with ideal features. To start a Cryptocurrency Exchange from scratch is quite expensive and takes more time. Here in this article, I am going to show the top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Solutions that are available in the crypto realm.

Let’s dive right into the topic.

What is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Before we dive into the top 8 White label crypto exchange script solutions, Let’s see a glimpse about White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange. White label Crypto exchange is an online platform that is not a clone or copied version of a popular exchange.

Let’s see some simple examples about What the White label product means in general.

Let’s assume that you decide to buy a Smartphone, so you go to the Mobile store and buy your dreamier smartphone. Before that, you analyzed the essential features and specifications of this smartphone application. After buying the smartphone, you can download various applications for external security changes such as mobile back cases, temper, and more.,

These external factors of every product demonstrate that White label solutions.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is a digital trading platform along with basic and upgraded security features. With this White Label Crypto exchange, this software is unique in that it is drafted and endeavors to meet the clientele requirements. This functionality of the White label Software platform differs from the exchange platform which is crafted like a Clone product of popular exchange.

Top 5 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software Development companies:

Here is the list of the top 5 White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script software Development which satisfied clientele requirements, reviews, feedback, and experience.

  1. Zodeak Technology
  2. Prolitus
  3. Skalex
  4. Hashcash Consultants
  5. Antier Solutions

Zodeak Technology:

Zodeak Technology is a top-notch Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company for an ample amount of years. Most startups and entrepreneurs who have an international clientele are tied up with Zodeak Technologies for the White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development. Not only they offer White Label services, but also they provide Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Altcoin Development, Crypto Clone products, Defi Development, and more services.,

Also, they enabled proficient features in the Software which provides outstanding trading performance. Such as,

  1. Margin Trading
  2. Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  3. Two-Factor Authentication
  4. KYC Authentication
  5. Liquidity API
  6. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration
  7. Stunning Admin and User Panel
  8. Trade Match Engine
  9. And more.,

Zodeak Technology provides bug-free and first-rate White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script software that serves you to launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform instantly. These are the reasons that most of the startups and entrepreneurs choose the Zodeak Technology for White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.


Prolitus is the popular White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. They offer fully-fledged features and functionality of a White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for their clients. They claim that they launch their own client’s cryptocurrency exchange platform within 15 days. Also, they offer more customizable and integrate some ideal features. You can utilize their solutions, and they are experts and will also assist and update you at any time.


Skalex is also the proficient White label cryptocurrency exchange platform that is headquartered in Germany. Skalex provides customizable, reliable, and scalable white label Crypto Exchange solutions to their potential clients. Skalex offers the best solutions for both startups and enterprises. Their White label Crypto solutions support various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and more., Also, they integrate some of the features such as,

  • Order book match
  • Multi-currency Support
  • API Integration
  • Fiat Currency option
  • Market maker
  • Hashcash Consultants:

    Hashcash Consultants is the premium White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. This Hashcash consultant is based in California. They are experts in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. They offer error-free solutions and 100% white label solutions that are secure, scalable, and high-standard software. Hashcash also provides IoT Development and Blockchain consulting services for international clients.

    Antier Solutions:

    Another White Label Crypto Exchange Development company in the Blockchain realm is Antier Solutions. Many Small Enterprises, startups, and Entrepreneurs will shake hands with the Antier solutions and make lucrative profits. This Antier solution focuses on the Most preeminent Cryptocurrency Exchange and Blockchain Development projects. Their White label software handles tremendous transactions per second along with high-end security mechanisms. Some of the main features offered by Antier solutions are,

    1. Hot wallet
    2. Crypto Payment Gateway
    3. Multiple Crypto and Fiat support
    4. Staking, Swap, and pool techniques
    5. Referral Bounty program

    Wrapping up:

    These are the top five White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software Development Company that rule the Cryptocurrency marketplace. If you are a business Freaker, interested in starting your own White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script platform, then choose the best solution setter that is in the above-mentioned companies. I hope this guide will assist you to provide a better solution for you to select the right white label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions.

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