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The N.F.T. & Me

by Sarah St.Erth 8 days ago in tokens · updated 6 days ago

One Mystics Delve into Finance.

The N.F.T. & Me
Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

When I was introduced to the more complex aspects of bitcoin, block chain, and subsequently, NFT’s, I was beyond newb. Beyond embryonic if I'm honest. Also, I remain the better part ignorant about what the heck it all means.

Please join me for this concise and summarized investigation of how we can begin to understand these new economic systems.

At this point in my article, I am under the impression that an NFT, is a bit of information that can be added to a blockchain, and hence becomes a monetizable or projected asset. Meaning every story you write, could be seen as an electronic asset. I will be expanding this understanding as I do some further research, to confirm, clarify, and demystify blockchain and NFT.......

20 mins later...

Okay I'm back, and I am so excited!!!

You won't believe this but the following links are going to walk you through creating your own NFT storefront with so many simple instructions, we will all be raking in the dough on our digital content.!!!

Every piece of digital art has it's own best marketplace and can be customized to reflect your particular art. From paintings and songs, to stories and even non fiction writing. Anything you digitally create can be monetized!!!

Yes this includes scanned in Content... For visual artists!!!!

These Links are Badass! The only prerequisite to getting started with getting started, is buying a small amount of ethereum bitcoin...(ahem this may prove to be prohibitive but don’t worry I am looking into this!). No I am not affiliated, with etherium or any bit coin, or being paid to say this. It is simply the outcome of my line of research for the purpose of this article. Please do your own research and do not attest my suggestions to a knowledgeable or skilled and saavy individual. However do explore this line of monetization ASAP!

The other amazing thing I learned about NFT, is that even once you sell the digital block chain asset, you continue to earn from it as long as it is in existence. This means that your great grandchildren could still be earning an income from the content you are pouring your heart into today. I am going to do one more paragraph of opinion based assessment of what I can find in the way of advice for us Newbs...God/Goddess help us all!

Okay I'm back.....(20mins later)

Alright, well I have to say, this is simpler than I imagined, and a project I will be launching as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on some ethereum. (Or other like Solana, Iota, Polkadot, or Cordano.). I have been thinking about this in an amorphous way for about a month. Today I decided, I am going to write about this and publish the information and instructions for all the amazing content creators I have met here in Vocal Facebook groups. After all, we do have to stick together and help each other in these challenging and unusually difficult times. I know so many artists and creators of all sorts that struggle financially, and I am one of them. So this is not an act of generosity, as much as self preservation. I would love to see all of my friends here do amazingly well, and thrive in your lives. I am currently an admin for Vocal Social Society, a peer reviewed writers group on Facebook, as well as a challenge based group, called Great Incantations. I am also a columnist for the Vocal Creators Chronicle, With a column called Nature & Consciousness. Please check us out here

To close: I am doing this conclusion as filler to get my minimum word count for publication because I want to go sign up for my NFT Storefront!!! See you all out there: 604: mike drop🎤✨🎼✨


Sarah St.Erth

BC Born activist, Mother & Grandmother. Raised in Music and counter culture. My Pen name is an ode to my matrelineal lineage. Sign up for Vocal plus here

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Sarah St.Erth
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