The Health & Fitness Monitoring App That Doubles as a Personal Trainer & Longevity Lifestyle Coach

by Eterly about a year ago in blockchain

Artificial Intelligence App Designed to Reinforce Habits for a Happier and Longer Life

We are all familiar with the rise of “doctor in your pocket” style apps, which help us arrange a virtual consultation with a doctor or specialist medical consultant; many of us also use wearable technology in the form of our Fitbits, or Apple Watches, to track our health and fitness levels.

But to those of us who truly want to micro-manage our health, both solutions are currently unsatisfactory, according to Canadian longevity evangelist and technology entrepreneur Andrew Ahachinsky, the founder of Eterly, the world’s first intelligent health and fitness monitoring app designed with the purpose of extending our healthy lifespans.

Ahachinsky says that, “What’s needed is a solution that combines the best of both worlds.

“An app with the ability to learn everything there is to know about the state of your fitness and your health, and use the latest medical knowledge and technology to help detect signs of serious illness and make smart, actionable recommendations about how you can make small adjustments to your daily routine to optimise every aspect of your healthy life.”

Luckily, that is exactly what Ahachinsky has set out to build: a health and fitness app with a twist. This particular app is being designed to go far beyond the capabilities of standard wearable fitness monitoring devices, and connect to an ecosystem of health designed and built by experts in the field of healthy longevity.

Built on the blockchain, the longevity ecosystem will be a users’ gateway through which they can access all of the medical advice they need to stay healthy, detect signs of aging, and learn about the best available medicines and treatments to treat them.

The ecosystem is being built via a partnership with Longevity United, an entity backed by prominent deep tech VC investor Dmitry Kaminsky: a fellow longevity evangelist whose pioneering work includes renowned deep dive studies into the healthcare industry’s transition towards P3 Medicine. P3 stands for personalised, predictive, and preventative, and relies heavily on cutting edge AI, deep tech, and predictive analysis techniques — similar to those pioneered by the likes of IBM Watson.

How can Eterly lay claim to being a cut above its competitors, in both the “virtual doctor” and fitness monitoring space?

Eterly will be the first app to calculate a unique and algorithmically determined Longevity Score, which will look at millions of different data points, including several different biomarkers of aging, and work with users to help them improve their score, which will be recalculated on a daily basis.

Users who successfully improve their score (becoming “super users” and role models to less active users of the platform in the process) will be rewarded through the issuing of Longevity Tokens. Since Longevity United’s ecosystem is being built using distributed ledger blockchain technology, it will be fuelled by Longevity Tokens. “LTY” Tokens will be used to incentivise scientists, medical research institutions, and doctors to share their knowledge with the platform, attract investment, and operate an “Open Marketplace,” or “Amazon of Health,” where platform users will be able to find curated and personalised products and services, curated by experts and dedicated to improving their health.

Users will further have the option to store their data securely in the ecosystem, sharing with third parties at their sole discretion, and to participate in approved, HIPAA compliant clinical trials.

Ahachinsky recently told Forbes journalist Alison Coleman that “Life extension became a personal interest for me when members of my family began to suffer from age-related illnesses, inspiring me to develop life extension solutions by optimising lifestyle factors; the concept of micro-managing one’s health with the help of AI.”

“There is no one way to get healthy because we are all unique, and this is where other fitness and dieting apps can fall down. Eterly takes your specific information and customizes every aspect of its artificial intelligence to focus on you, not just people like you. Get healthier in a way that works for you!”

(Longevity United is raising $15m via a token sale in order to fund construction and development of the longevity ecosystem. Eterly’s MVP mobile app has already launched and is available on the App Store here and Google Play here. An updated version is due for release in August.)

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