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Pi Network Core Team Release V1 Roadmap

Pi Network and its core team have released their anticipated V1 Roadmap which includes ongoing efforts for many of the Pi products and programs.

By Vidello ProductionsPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

Pi Network members have, for sometime, been waiting for the V1 roadmap, which will cover the past achievements of the core team and the future plans of what is coming for the network over the next few months.

That roadmap was released on the 1st of November 2023 and covers a wider variety of topics than first thought...

Today we dive into the key points and look at some of the things coming for the Pi Network over the next few months.

Please note that V2 will include future plans, but no specific dates for open mainnet are featured in either roadmap.


The apps section of the roadmap covers all previous milestones for user population and some new features are coming such as:

  • Registration and sign-in process revamp, streamlining access to Pi Network and fixing issues Pioneers experience in sign-in process.
  • Improved mining reminder notifications.
  • Strategies to re-engage Pioneers who have temporarily stopped mining due to technical or other reasons.
  • Released translation mechanism to enable Pi Chat Moderator community to help translate the UI text in the Pi Mining app in 50 languages; later extended to Pi KYC and Fireside Forum apps.

Pi Chats

Many new enhancements are coming to the chat ecosystem including:

  • Backend enhancements to improve performance, including specific optimizations focused on increasing speed.
  • User experience enhancements through features like notifications for Direct Messages and mentions in channels.

Fireside Forum

Pi's Web3 social networking app looks set to be one of the main focuses of the core team over the next few months:

  • Decentralized Moderation system initial version has been released and will continue iterating. This system aims to help Pioneers moderate Fireside Forum content in a decentralized way, rewarding accurate moderation contributions and penalizing inaccurate or abusive ones, using a tokenomics-based meritocratic framework with various tiers of moderators.
  • Improving educational and support content for moderation and the community especially in support of the Decentralized Moderation feature.
  • Examining and iterating any tokenomics adjustments to make sure Fireside Forum achieves its design goals.
  • Enhancing the Negative Fire feature's usability.


Serving as a hub for ideas and collaboration, the Brainstorm section of Pi Network relies on the same principles of decentralized efforts:

  • Improve the user experience, especially related to the ongoing hackathon feature.
  • Backend performance improvements.

Pi Browser

The main way of connecting to the outside world, Pi Browser includes wallets and content apps and while getting a few tweaks, has remained mainly the same since release however that is set to change:

  • UI Revamp: A significant user interface upgrade, aiming for a more intuitive modern navigation and enriched user experience that addresses the needs of decentralized Web3 Pi Apps.
  • Integration with PiNet: Enabling app content sharing on and ensuring a smooth transition for new users from web-shared content into the Pi Browser.
  • User Onboarding: Facilitating new user registrations directly from the Pi Browser's first download.
  • Ecosystem Interface Expansion: Integrating Mainnet apps with the Ecosystem Interface, broadening the range of accessible services alongside the current Test-net apps.

Ecosystem Interface

Only one upgrade currently being worked on for the Ecosystem Interface:

  • Inclusion of Unverified Mainnet Apps: A new procedure to integrate Unverified Mainnet apps alongside the Test-net selections.


Major upgrades coming for the PiNet ecosystem:

  • Further Core Team App Integration: Anticipate the addition of more Core Team Pi Apps to PiNet, further expanding its range.
  • Community Inclusion: Community-crafted Pi Apps highlighted in the Pi Browser's Ecosystem Interface will feature on PiNet, painting a richer picture of Pi's ecosystem.
  • Sharing Enhancements: An upgraded experience for sharing specific Web3 content from Pi Apps via PiNet is in the pipeline. Look forward to customizable, visually-striking thumbnails for shared links.
  • Pi Mining Guide: A forthcoming guide will demystify Pi mining for newcomers, showcasing its simplicity and serving as an attraction for more Web2 denizens to embrace Pi Network.
  • Amplify Your Experience: Pioneers, get ready to amplify your favorite Pi Apps and content! Share them with friends and across social media, becoming ambassadors of the Pi Web3 ecosystem.

Developer Platform and Tools

The developer platform and tools on Pi Network is extensive and a number of things are being worked on:

  • Enabling community-built Pi apps already featured on the Ecosystem Interface of the Pi Browser to be listed on PiNet, showcasing a diverse and dynamic Pi Web3 ecosystem to the wider Web2 world.
  • Ecosystem Interface to include listings for unverified Mainnet apps along with the currently listed Tes-tnet apps.
  • Ongoing updates to Community Developer Guide.

Developer Portal

  • Any associated updates to the Developer Portal based on changes of the Pi Platform.
  • User interface updates to improve the visual design of the Developer Portal.


  • Implementing post-Mainnet migration Pi Lockups to continue supporting a healthy and smooth ecosystem and incentivize long-term engagement with the network while the network is bootstrapping and creating utilities.
  • Ensuring stability and 100% uptime.
  • Supporting and optimizing Mainnet migrations and ecosystem transactions in the Enclosed Network period.
  • Research and design on new blockchain features that can better support utilities.


Couple of upgrades coming for node users, including bonuses!

  • Investigate and fix bugs reported by the community, including cases experiencing infinite spinner, disconnect of mining boost from performance, Docker compatibility issues and more.
  • Develop more advanced analytics infrastructure to better surface Node issues.
  • Improve and calibrate Node bonuses.


KYC has been the main sticking point for many Pi Network Pioneers and it looks like there is a lot currently being worked on by the core team:

  • More advanced version of Validator grading system to distinguish a top tier of trusted Validators for conducting higher-stake tasks such as manual reviews to supplement machine automation, which can significantly improve KYC throughput.
  • Solution to unblock KYC applications with missing data fields with help by trusted Validators.
  • Validator review may be extended to help unblock other parts of KYC such as Tentative KYC cases, etc.
  • Review system being built for Pioneers to appeal and sort out rejection reasons.
  • UX enhancements to provide more in-app guidance, education and easier onboarding to avoid resulting in corner cases that can get stuck.
  • Improvements in the KYC analytics pipeline.
  • Building the additional checks required to process Tentative KYC cases.

Token Model and Mining Mechanism

Mining is what makes Pi Network the crypto it is, and not much is needed to change in this part of the roadmap:

  • Monthly Base mining rate adjustments and ongoing monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the mining mechanism in regard to achieving its network goals set in the 2021 December Whitepaper.

Pi Wallet

The main wallet where your Pi will be stored, it looks like mainly security upgrades for the Pi wallets over the next few months:

  • Enhancing the security features of the Wallet within Pi Apps.
  • Expanding Pi Wallet backend for easier integration into different Pi Apps.
  • Implementing post-Mainnet migration Pi Lockups to continue supporting a healthy and smooth ecosystem and incentivize long-term engagement with the network while the network is bootstrapping and creating utilities.


No current upgrades happening for this part of the network.


Many events have taken place over the last few years and here are a couple of upcoming ones:

  • Pi Powered Commerce event to support and promote Pi transactions in local businesses worldwide.
  • Ongoing monthly hackathons that are designed to support year-round Pi App development efforts.


  • Update and improve developer resources for hackathon participants.
  • Continue ongoing monthly hackathon by evaluating and giving feedback to candidate teams and selecting winners to be announced each month.

Developer Ambassador Program

  • Gather feedback from Developer Ambassadors to improve the program and resources available.
  • Data analysis of current progress of the program such as progress by Developer Ambassadors and their associated developers.
  • Enhance resources and content available to Developer Ambassadors to help them onboard and support developers.

Pi App Incubator

Interesting new part of the network, the Incubator looks set to be offered to universities!

  • Publication of a Product and Design Guide for all Pi community developers.
  • Selection and kickoff of the first cohort of the Incubator program.
  • Potential expansion of Pi App mentorship opportunity to other universities.

Pi-Powered Commerce Program

  • Community event to celebrate the Pi Commerce program and encourage participation. The goals of the event are to promote the program so as to further unleash the potential use of Pi in transactions, and to turn Pi’s decentralized ownership into decentralized usage everywhere!

Overall, it looks like the project is progressing well, with lots of upcoming ideas and great KYC upgrades.

Some Pioneers will be upset that no open mainnet dates have been included in this, or future roadmaps, but we may see a surprise in the future!

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