Online Classes That Will Teach You About Ethereum

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Regardless of your foundational knowledge, there are plenty of online classes that will teach you about Ethereum, building it from the ground up!

Online Classes That Will Teach You About Ethereum

Bitcoin is a name buzzing on everybody's tongues these days, but Bitcoin isn't the only way that cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionizing the world of technology, finance, business, and virtually everything else. Possibly the biggest of all the alt coins, Ethereum is to secure data storage what Bitcoin is to online finance. Ethereum uses blockchain technology to supplement third party data storage, which without, could leave internet users vulnerable. By utilizing the security of blockchain, Ethereum offers users a more secure way to store data, make financial transfers, and do all of the other things that our internet-enabled devices can do nowadays. Such practicality makes Ethereum an important and truly revolutionary technology—one of many reasons why Ethereum will change the world. So, if you're interested in learning more, there are plenty of online classes that will teach you about Ethereum, from what it is, to how to use it, and to developing your own Ethereum blockchain technology.

If you're completely new to Ethereum, the words "introduction" and "beginner" probably sound pretty good to you. All you need to know coming into this course is how the internet works on a basic level. Ethereum deals with the sharing and storage of data through the internet, and that's right where this course starts. It's the one of the best internet classes that will teach you about Ethereum from the ground up, covering all the basics in just a quick half hour: From its early origins, to its current applications, and even to exciting potential for its future development.

Using the word "complete" with respect to anything is a pretty strong stance, but this is certainly one of the best online classes that will teach you about Ethereum, and might just come close to being a truly complete account of the technology for all its brevity. Another reason to learn your Ethereum from this Udemy course is that you'll also quickly learn some tips and tricks for earning Ethereum cryptocurrency fast and free, giving yourself a boost to get started on applying your new knowledge to the growing field. From learning how to build decentralized applications yourself to how to earn money with your new knowledge, this online course covers it all.

When you hear "bootcamp," you know you're going to get a lot of coverage in a short amount of time. Of all the classes that will teach you about Ethereum, this course is uniquely oriented towards people who want to dive into the deep end and build dapps on their own. It offers step-by-step instructions for application development, so you can start working on your real world projects. By the end of this course, you'll have your very own decentralized application and smart contracts, with the ability to use your new knowledge in practical, real-world applications.

Bitcoin and Ethereum—the two biggest cryptocurrencies out there—have a lot in common. This course covers all the basics of Ethereum, including the ways it differs from Bitcoin and its other unique uses. You'll learn the fundamentals of Ethereum, and develop a robust understanding of exactly how it works and what it can do for you, and in general. You'll learn about the basics of blockchain technologies, Ethereum applications, the origins of Ethereum, who invented Ethereum, and even the potential downsides or criticisms of dapps. With this course you know you can enter the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum with the right knowledge.

Another one of the most practical classes that will teach you about Ethereum not only covers the general basics of Ethereum, but also the specific ways it's instantiated and used. You can learn in a hands-on way exactly how Ethereum works, and you will come out with your very own app, built from scratch through a step-by-step process outlined in within course. You'll learn one of the most important parts of real-world application building when it comes to Ethereum: The Solidity contract programming language, which will provide a building block for many future projects in blockchain technology.

If you're interested in the financial aspects of Ethereum, this course is for you. This is by far one of the most comprehensive classes that will teach you about Ethereum technology, with eight hours of content covering everything from the basics of blockchain development to high-level bitcoin and Ethereum trading practices. This course focuses closely on finance with Ethereum, including exactly what ERC20 tokens are, investing and trading in Ethereum, and methods for making long-term earnings with cryptocurrency. You will be able to maximize your gains right off the bat.

For the practical user, the Effective Ethereum Basics Course from Zoubin Zarin is perfect. In about 40 minutes, you will learn all the fundamentals of Ethereum, so you can use it in the real world. This course will benefit anyone who wants to learn to invest and trade in cryptocurrency, or simply use Ethereum with a solid understanding of the benefits and risks, knowing exactly how the process works. This course does not require any background knowledge going in, and it will only build your knowledge up from the ground in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step series of lectures that will leave you ready to enter the financial world of Ethereum.

Ravinder Deol is one of the most prolific instructors on Udemy for teaching people of all kinds about Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other blockchain technology. Many of his courses, including this Ethereum course, will even provide you with .001 Ether to get you started in the world of cryptocurrency. This course will teach you how to get involved with Ethereum in a hands-on way, as well as an overview of some of the best ways to capitalize on the still-rising market surrounding this relatively new technology. This course also explains how Ethereum differs from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts are one of the fundamental building blocks of Ethereum and blockchain technologies. This course covers the basics of building your own smart contracts with Solidity, Geth, and Mist. In just 40 minutes, you'll have already compiled your own basic smart contract, learned how to deploy them to blockchain, and gained an understanding of smart contracts in practice that will enable you to build your own apps and use blockchain technologies to greater effect. This crash course is perfect for anyone who's ready to build their own app, but needs a little refresher or boost in understanding on how to build a private blockchain node from scratch.

This is one of the most important online classes that will teach you about Ethereum decentralized applications, or dapps. You will learn how to build your own and apply them practically. Before you start this course, you should have some background knowledge of how blockchain works, and at least some familiarity with some basic programming languages. However, once you have this knowledge—which can all be gained on Udemy, if you don't already have it—you'll be ready to build and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet Network with the help and guidance of this course.

And for those programmers looking to learn more, Udemy also offers Ethereum programming courses.

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