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Ninja Squad NFT

by Ece Uyguc 5 months ago in alt coins
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A promising NFT project

Ninja Squad NFT wallpaper

When I first heard about NFTs like two months ago I did not understand what they really were and started to make my own research. I do not know how it is for others but for me learning something new starts from watching videos first. Then, if I want to have in-depth information about the topic, I buy books and read them after watching various videos.

The first detailed video I watched on NFTs was a long one hosted by Crypto Kemal and BCC. Through this video, I understood what NFTs stand for and how I could be part of this immense universe.

At the end of this video, the hosts announced that they would launch their first NFT collection soon called the Ninja Squad NFT. I noted it down and waited for its launch date.

Ninja Squad NFT Launch

Ninja Squad NFT collection was launched at the end of November. This team achieved great success as this collection was sold out within minutes following the launch. Developed by the Ninja Traders team, this collection has received a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community, as well.

For detailed information regarding this launch date, you may read the story on the official page of the Ninja Squad team:

My first minting experience on a website

As I mentioned in one of my previous tech stories, this NFT world has its unique language. When you want to invest in an NFT project from the launch, you have to mint on the official website of the NFT collection. As I was not familiar with these terms, I had to watch many videos and read a lot of articles on how to proceed to buy an NFT. For the minting process, I tried to find out if I had to mint from the contract or directly from the website.

When you are new to a platform, you consider everything to be difficult and annoying but it does not have to be that way every time. After making a thorough research, the moderator of the Ninja Squad team on the Discord channel told me that all I had to was to connect my Metamask wallet on their official website. I was relieved when I heard this and did exactly what I was told. After connecting my wallet and clicking confirm, a screen showed up saying Congrats Ninja.

When I first minted my first ninja, I did not know how it looked like because the images were not revealed then. In a few hours’ time, I got to meet my freshly minted ninja. The ninja I minted could be one of the rare ones or a common one, depending completely on my luck. I would like to introduce you to the first ninja I had from the minting process and let you decide if I was lucky or not.

My first Ninja NFT

Certainly, it wouldn’t be fair to get only one ninja from such a promising project. That’s why after the minting process was over, I bought another ninja from the official page in OpenSea. If you are new to NFTs, one of the most important things you should pay attention to is to make every transaction from the official pages. Otherwise, you may get scammed by connecting your wallet to fraud pages with similar names. Ninja Squad NFT’s official page on OpenSea is:

The second Ninja NFT I bought from the OpenSea market:

My second Ninja NFT

I’m so happy to have two ninjas. Getting more ninjas whenever possible is among my 2022 plans because being a ninja is a great privilege and the benefits you will gain are increasing day by day.

Ninja Squad discord channel

There is a discord group for all the NFT collections. One can enter all these channels without even holding an NFT to have a chat and learn more about the projects. However, holding an NFT of a collection has some benefits in the project. On this Ninja Squad discord channel, there is a new alpha chat group for holders only. You have to verify your ninja with the help of the moderators to have access to this channel.

The most popular topic in the group is cryptos because the Ninja Squad team is essentially a crypto trader team. They are a very friendly team and being part of a collection is just like being part of a family in the NFT world. Serving for the same cause leads people to develop a strong team spirit. Those who are in the same collection on Twitter follow each other and inform each other about the upcoming events in the NFT world.

Ninja Trader Udemy course for free

It wouldn’t be right to be a ninja holder and not have knowledge about cryptos. For this reason, on International Ninja Day, the founder of the project, Crypto Kemal, gave ninja owners the right to attend a 20-hour Udemy course for free in return for verifying they are ninja holders.

This is how I started to learn about cryptos. I’ve watched 16 videos so far and they contain very important basic information. Apart from the technical information they gave, I found out that digital investing is all about human psychology. The main purpose of the investor should be to protect his current capital, to be able to gain the necessary risk management skills and to stay away from corrupt psychology that might lead to taking wrong decisions.

Ninja Squad charity with Elidor

A few weeks after the launch, the Ninja Squad team started to make charities for important causes such as constructing schools, helping students, and supporting young women. One of the most important successes that the Ninja team achieved in a short time was to collaborate with Elidor. In line with this mission, Ninja won Elidor Turkiye auction and helped a foundation in Turkey to help 14 young women to achieve their dreams.

Ninja Squad NFT diving into the metaverse

The Ninja Squad team has recently partnered with Property X and is working on a p2e (play to earn) game that will have the opportunity to have access to Sandbox. This will become clearer in the coming weeks.

Additionally, when metaverse is in consideration, don’t just think of computer games. Ninja Trader team will give special NFT tutorials to their holders in the metaverse, and there is also an NST token airdrop for those who get high grades as a result of the quiz done at the end of the course.

$NST token launch on New Year’s Day

I had already mentioned that being a ninja is a privilege and it is thanks to the very qualified team behind it. The team strictly adheres to the roadmap they announced and tries to achieve even more. Of course, it would not be fair to ignore the holders’ endeavors to support each other in advancing this project. Everyone in the community is doing his best to increase the value of the NFTs by making the name of the ninja heard on social media platforms.

On the morning of January 1, 2022, this collection’s utility token called $NST was released, and every day every ninja owner, depending on the number of ninjas they have, will yield 1 $NST token/day to attend courses, to join P2e game and to release community rewards. In addition, bonus $NST’ is dropped to holders’ accounts who have not listed their ninjas and those having ninjas with rare traits. These utility tokens will have very wide use in the future. We look forward to hearing about the future news.

I will continue to share new developments with you.

Financial Disclaimer

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This article is for expressing my personal opinions. Please do thorough research and make your own decisions before purchasing NFTs.

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