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Hunt is Happy With Inflation.

UK In Recession.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Chancellor and friend of Rishi Sunak Jeremy Hunt is quite a wealthy man. He may not be at the dizzying heights of his Boss when it comes to wealth. Nevertheless, Hunt is but one of many who come from rather wealthy backgrounds in Sunak's cabinet.

So one has to ask the question: how can men like Sunak and Hunt ever understand the struggles of ordinary people? No doubt, many of their constituents are not wealthy men and women as they are. Many like many of us just about manage to pay our bills and put food on the table. These days even those earning good money are having to attend food banks. Energy bills may be coming down yes but the burden of higher prices has transferred to the shops. What exactly are Hunt and Sunak doing about the price increase? Sir Keir asks this question at Prime Minister's Questions day in and day out and no answer is forthcoming. All the Prime Minister does is talk about facts and figures. Nothing really relevant to the content of Sir Keir's question. Nothing really relevant for ordinary folks either.

The country would appear to be in or going into recession. Yet when asked by Sky News Jeremy Hunt said he was comfortable with recession. As long as it brings down inflation long-term.

Hunt said he must support the Bank of England as a way of ensuring prosperity and economic growth. After all, it has been a mantra of this Tory administration to grow the economy.

The Bank of England will raise interest rates potentially to 5.5 %. As it is allegedly coming to grips with the higher-than-expected prices. Go around any shop, supermarket, wholesaler, etc, and you will find prices have gone sky-high. In Tesco for example, a bottle of their own tomato sauce was once 43p. Now it has gone up 1 Pound 45 or thereabouts. That is just an example of how prices on supermarket's own brands have risen. So branded goods are even higher than. Margaret Thatcher another Tory icon (to those on the right including Sunak) used to say "Tighten your belts". That was back in the 80s when unemployment, recession, and inflation were rife.

In the early part of this Tory government (pre-Sunak), they used to say "We are all in this together". But obviously, we were not. At least not financially. MPs are cotton wooled by their parliamentary salary. Their shares and stakes in businesses. They are paid for after-dinner speeches etc. That's not to say there aren't good MPs regardless of party. There patently are MPs who work for and care for their constituents. However, many MPs these days are quite well off even before they come into parliament. They live lavish lifestyles that most of their constituents cannot even match or imagine.

It seems that MPs again regardless of party seem to forget they are servants of the people. Yes, they hold surgeries and no doubt constituent's problems whatever they may be get solved. Only appearing when it's the local elections, general elections, etc. Many an MP has fallen foul of the electorate because they got too arrogant. An example would be Michael Portillo who now can be seen as a presenter on GB News.

For all the aspirations of Hunt and Sunak to grow the economy problems remain. Once more in this capitalist and unfair society it is those at the bottom that suffer. They bear the brunt of recessions and inflation. It's all very well with Mr. Hunt saying he is comfortable with how things are.

Maybe in time things will get better but it's how we are getting there that is painful.


od banks. Many young people cannot afford to buy a house


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