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By Clément "melC"Published 5 months ago 3 min read
1 is a blockchain project focused on artificial intelligence. The idea was funded through an IDO on Polkastarter in late 2021. Its $HEART token was initially launched at a price of $0.2 but experienced a significant decline due to the bear market.

After a year and a half of development, now presents six innovative AI projects, each with its own unique features. These projects go beyond ChatGPT and demonstrate the team's commitment to original and practical ideas. Let's explore the already available projects and those in development.

Specific Applications specializes in voice-related applications, aiming to provide real-life benefits for content creators and facilitate communication between people. Let's delve into some of their notable projects:


OVEIT aims to integrate NFTs into everyday life as a means of payment. This innovative approach allows for the certification of service purchases or reservations. The blockchain records important information such as who made the purchase, for whom, when, and the amount.

OVEIT offers companies payment options through hot wallets, enabling customers to pay both online with cryptocurrency or traditional fiat currency, as well as offline.

Tovid is a powerful tool that allows users to create videos from web pages, articles, or other available content. Using artificial intelligence, Tovid generates a video with a customizable human-like face. The content is transformed into speech, and illustrative images are automatically generated to enhance engagement.

While has recently been funded, it appears to still be in the development stage.

Voice of X

Voice of X stands out as one of the most intriguing projects. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it takes your voice and replicates it in another language. For instance, if you present your videos in French, Voice of X can generate an English version while preserving the tone and nuances of your voice.

It's important to note that your voice's uniqueness will be represented as an NFT, ensuring ownership and preventing the use of well-known voices for creating alternative versions. Furthermore, there's potential for communities to contribute their voices collectively, resulting in an AI-generated voice that represents the entire community.

Talkens aims to bring NFTs to life by creating synthetic voices based on their owners. Through AI, your NFTs will no longer be static images but dynamic characters capable of speaking.

To obtain a video of your NFT speaking, you can pay in $HEART tokens at the current rate of 1 HEART per word, which remains affordable at $0.016.

Clone Your Voice

This innovation is particularly fascinating. An artificial intelligence system listens to your sentence in one language and instantly translates it into another language. This technology leverages your voice to facilitate better communication.

Although it is not currently live, the project envisions achieving immediate translations through AI, making it possible to "Speak in any language."


These applications developed by offer practical everyday uses. The project's focus on creating tangible and applicable AI solutions is commendable. If most of these projects succeed, the $HEART token has the potential for significant growth.

While the artificial intelligence trend in the crypto industry has seen its hype fade, it remains an intriguing subject with implications for the future of our world. has a strong chance of becoming a leader in this industry, given their innovative projects and commitment to advancing AI technology.


Author: Clément “melC”

I am a writer at, a platform dedicated to demystifying the complex universe of cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2017. With a diverse and passionate team of experts, I contribute to decoding the world of trading, NFTs, DeFi, and crypto investments for our readers. I strive to simplify technical concepts to help everyone make informed and responsible decisions in this ever-evolving field.

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Clément "melC"

I am a writer at, a platform dedicated to demystifying the complex universe of cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2017. I contribute to decoding the world of trading, NFTs, DeFi, and crypto investments for our readers.

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