How to Spend SNOV Tokens after the Token Sale

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So you wanna spend SNOV tokens? There's some good news and bad news...

How to Spend SNOV Tokens after the Token Sale

Snovio is one of the newest platforms for lead generation and client data accumulation. For sales staff, this is a major point of interest, but for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you'd never expect Snovio to raise any interest whatsoever.

Until you hear that it's totally based on blockchain technology, that is.

Recently, Snovio has unveiled its own unique cryptocurrency that is capable of being used to buy leads. The token sale is slated for October 1, and is expected to last a total of 30 days.

In October, Snovio will be releasing a token sale for SNOVs. The tokens will start at $0.01, with a minimum purchase price of a dollar. SNOV tokens are based off code similar to Ethereum and will have a market cap of $2.5 billion.

This is all pretty standard fare, which is great news for folks who want to invest in Snovio. The bad news is that you still have a special procedure to follow if you want to spend SNOV tokens. Here's the scoop, according to what we currently know.

Heads up, you will need to buy SNOV tokens to spend them.

Before we start talking about how to spend SNOV tokens, it's important to realize you will need to buy them first. If you were looking for a new coin to use your mining rig on, you're out of luck.

Snovio cannot be mined, so if you're hoping to mine them, you're out of luck. Put that old Bitcoin mining rig away, because it will not help you here. (You might find this article on Bitcoin alternatives for miners interesting, though.)

According to Snovio, the tokens will be available on three different cryptocurrency exchanges. All you have to do to get your tokens is to go to an exchange and buy them.

According to sources, you'll be able to buy Snovio for Bitcoin or Ethereum currency. Currently, it's unclear which three exchanges Snovio will be choosing to use. So, you might have to stay tuned in order to find out more.

Assuming you have your tokens ready, this is what you need to do to spend SNOV tokens online...

First things first, don't expect SNOV tokens to be too widely used.

SNOV tokens weren't exactly designed for widespread use. They were primarily created to be used on Snovio's decentralized website. If you were hoping to spend them in the same kind of ways that you can spend Bitcoin, prepare to be disappointed.

This is a specialized crytocurrency that's more focused about B2B sales than B2C sales or valuation. That's the way it's designed to be. However, this could change in the future if Snovio becomes a popular platform.

That being said, it's important to realize that the way you spend SNOV tokens on Snovio can be priceless if you own a business.

Businesses need sales to grow, and you can't really have sales if you lack leads. Snovio is a lead generation site and has lately started to work with employee recruitment firms and freelancers because of its freestyle economy.

If you have a business that could use a boost of leads or new recruits, then you'll probably enjoy the concept of SNOV tokens. The coolest thing about SNOV tokens is the fact that it has a smart contract, which in turn means you can expect to get the value you want from your interaction.

Users get to determine how to spend SNOV tokens on Snovio's platform.

Users who choose to help generate leads can be paid in SNOV tokens or, if you want something automated, you can also choose to spend your SNOV tokens through a computerized interaction. Investors also can choose to hold onto SNOV tokens and then later sell them at token exchanges for a profit.

The entire platform is powered by users and automated lead generation work. This means you have a lot of different ways to spend—all based on your particular needs when it comes to finding the right people for the job at hand.

The problem is that Snovio hasn't actually given the details on how to actually spend SNOV tokens yet.

Not much is really known about how Snovio intends on implementing its tokens quite yet. The news about the creation of SNOV tokens is still really new, and not much has really been explained by the company when it comes to use.

It's expected that Snovio's platform will have a PayPal-like button that will allow you to pay for more leads and more contact information once the actual token sale begins. However, since Snovio has been mum on the actual implementation side of things, you can never be sure what will happen.

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