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Blockchain and NFT paved way for the virtual revolution

by Lucas Andrew 10 days ago in blockchain

The future is going to be virtual with the blockchain technology and NFTs so start your journey in the Crypto world.

The world is getting ready for another revolution, the digital revolution, developing a virtual world with all aspects and as same as the real world with all the features. One of the reasons for this rapid growth of the virtual world is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is creating history with its features and performances, resulting in the investment of millions by the corporate giants. The virtual world normally known as Metaverse will be the future and that is being targeted by the corporate giants.


The most recent tech that is going to rule the next decade is Blockchain technology because of its security and its working. Blockchain is one of the major causes for the start of the virtual revolution. Blockchain makes the information safe and makes it impossible to hack the information that made the path for the creation of the virtual world. Blockchain technology would change the future and the market value of the tech has reached billion dollars and will be increasing in the future. One of the major changes that would happen in the future by blockchain technology is all the financial services including bank sectors because of its decentralized system and faster transaction.


As the knowledge of blockchain and the virtual world is growing and the day-to-day crypto users are also increasing because of its features. The non-fungible token most commonly NFT is also gaining popularity along with the virtual world. The NFT is a digital asset that is minted with any of the blockchain technology. The NFT may be any digital asset of music, art, image, video Metaverse, etc. these digital assets are minted as NFT and listed on the Marketplace. The NFT will play a major role in the virtual world revolution because of its features. The growth of NFT will depend on its demand and creativity; the NFT market value has crossed billion-dollar value by the year. A NFT cannot be recreated after it's minted by the owner, a minted NFT has a unique code and metadata, and the NFTs are based on cryptographic technology and it becomes hard to duplicate the NFT. The owner can claim copyright like other marketplaces. The NFT is indivisible so that the NFT cannot be sold/bought by dividing it into parts like the other fungible tokens.

NFT Marketplace

The minted NFTs are listed on the NFT Marketplaces, these NFT Marketplaces are built on any of the blockchain networks. Most of the platforms built today prefer Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron, and Cardano as these blockchain networks have the best features. The Opensea and Rarible are the famous and most used NFT Marketplace in the world. The NFT Marketplace is a thing to earn millions in the future so businessmen and entrepreneurs can think of launching their NFT Marketplace. The NFT Marketplaces are developed for various assets NFT Marketplace for arts, Marketplace for music, Marketplace for game, Marketplace for photos, Marketplace for Metaverse, and so on.

Development of NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace can be built either from scratch or from the white label script

  1. Development from scratch makes your NFT marketplace unique and will be built with all your required features. The cost of time and amount will be more while developing from scratch.
  2. Development of White Label NFT Marketplace is a 100% customization of the clone script with all the end-to-end functionalities. The fixing time for bugs is less and the marketplace can be launched quickly.

The NFT platform development depends on the admin who wants to launch their own marketplace.

Features of NFT Marketplace

The features that attract the users to NFT Marketplaces are auction, minting, scalability, enhanced UI, Scarcity

Auction - The Marketplace having the auction feature helps the creator to list their creation in the marketplace for open and let the price be finalized by the buyers.

Minting - The minting process that helps to create the NFT from the original source only after minting the NFT is listed on the Marketplace

Scalability - The marketplace must be highly scalable even with thousands of active users so that no one experiences the interruption while using the platform.

Enhanced UI - The UI which would attract your users and develop your UI that helps the users to access the information clearly and easily.

Scarcity - The creator should have the access to control the scarcity of the created NFT.

Future is virtual

The future tech would be based on the virtual world and Blockchain technology because of its benefits and futuristic features. The virtual lands are also minted as Metaverse NFT because of the features of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has become the key for most virtual developments because of its insane security. The future will be virtual so entrepreneurs can think of launching their business in the virtual world that would profit in the future. The virtual has developed to have an avatar for the user in the virtual world and all the real-life assets go to the digital world.

About Maticz

Maticz, the leading blockchain development company has successfully completed 25+ projects on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Solana, Polygon and Cardano with their well-experienced developers. Get in touch with the team to bring your NFT platform idea live to the crypto world.


Lucas Andrew

Blockchain analyst and technical writer.

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Lucas Andrew
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