5 Smart Investments that Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Here is a look into how you can invest your cryptocurrency.

5 Smart Investments that Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

People are now using cryptocurrencies to make purchases from all over the world. It might be surprising to hear that you can use bitcoin to order a pizza, pay for your morning coffee, or for solar financing. These are some of the smart investments that you never thought would accept cryptocurrencies:

Online Dating Platforms

Crypto-rich people can now pay online dating platforms for hot dates with cryptocurrencies. Online dating platforms around the world are now open to accepting bitcoin in the exchange of perfect connections. Popular online dating platforms began to accept bitcoin as a payment option in 2013. It would be interesting to hear from a client who paid with bitcoin to find a perfect date whether it was worth it or not.

Learning Institutions

The tuition fee is the expense that takes the largest chunk of school fees. It takes years of debt afterward, or several years of planning, to pay for university or college. However, a Swiss-based university, the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Science has recently made it easier for students from all over the world to get a higher education by starting to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Another US-based school known as Kings College also began to receive bitcoin payment in 2014. That has shown how confident people are in bitcoin. Other top learning institutions might soon start to accept bitcoin payment.

Taxi and Space Transport Services

The taxi industry has recently undergone a drastic transformation. For example, sharing transport services such as Lyft and Uber have begun to embrace traditional taxi services. Many taxi services are now accepting payment via cryptocurrencies in the exchange of their transport services to remain relevant. Indications are that cryptocurrencies have a significant influence on the taxi industry, but some taxi services are yet to transition to accept bitcoins as a payment option. Futurists believe that cryptos might soon revolutionize the traditional cab business as demand for quick and reliable service intensifies. Experts still hold that space flight might be the next most significant innovation, and some space flight spaces have begun to embrace bitcoin as a payment option. For example, Virgin Galactic, a space flight service has already started to accept cryptocurrencies as the down payment for tourists who would want to tour the space. Cryptocurrency’s advocates prefer to make any payment via bitcoin, and they expect other space flight services such as Blue Origin and SpaceX to start to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Firearm Vendors

Though rifles and handguns were initially difficult to purchase, purchasing guns have become a little easier than before as firearm vendors begin to accept payment in bitcoin. For example, a US-based firearms manufacturer, Frontier Tactical, started to receive payments in crypto in late 2017. While authorities consider purchasing a firearm without relevant approvals as a crime, it is crucial to consider other forms of criminal activities that bitcoins and other cryptos could open the door for.


Cryptocurrencies are rare among the things that a person would prefer to donate to their beloved church. Those who still can’t believe that church donations can be given out in the form of bitcoins can now give their contributions in cryptos as churches, such as the Church of St. John in New York, began accepting donations in bitcoin as early as 2013. Experts expect other financially savvy institutions to follow suit soon, and start to accept bitcoin as a payment option.

Most people never thought that they would ever associate bitcoin payment with such investments. You can now find a vendor or retailer who is willing to accept bitcoin in exchange for products and services such as transport and pizza. You might be surprised to know that some of these smart investments only accept cryptocurrencies. Futurists expect another cryptocurrency, probably Ethereum, to gain the same confidence that these smart investments have in bitcoin.

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