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10 Reasons You Should Invest in Crypto Now

These are ten reasons indicating that making the decision to invest in crypto now is one of the best financial moves you can make!

By Conrad MorningstarPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
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Lots of people think they are too late to invest in crypto, and that the money has all been made already. However, they could not be more wrong. The cryptocurrency market is as hot as ever, which is why so many young people are investing in it. There is a lot of money to be made with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, so long as the investing is done correctly.

While there are many things you should know about crypto before investing, it shouldn't deter you from investing at all. In fact, there are many reasons why you should invest in crypto now!

It's not “too late.”

One of the problems people are hearing about investing in cryptocurrencies is that they are “too late” or that they “have missed the boat.” This is simply not true. Bitcoin may be unlikely to increase 20,000 times in value in 8 years like it did in the last eight years (before dropping back significantly)—but investing in crypto now still makes you one of the early investors.

Cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, but as adoption increases and people realize that they are here to stay—then their value will increase. Just because you aren’t seeing 30 percent increases on your portfolio each morning doesn’t mean you are too late—in fact, it means you are investing at the right time.

The crypto bubble has already burst.

Many people were claiming in Q4 of 2017 that the almost exponential growth of Bitcoin’s value, and other altcoins, was unsustainable. Ultimately, it was. However, throughout the year, we have seen a strong correction followed by a period of slow stabilization.

Weak hands have been shaken, investors are much more cautious, and regulations are a little clearer. Investing in cryptocurrencies now is a much safer bet than it was during Q4 of 2017. For example, even if your profits are not going to be as quick or exciting, chances of you being hit with a massive loss after buying Bitcoin are much lower.

Blockchain is here to stay.

If it isn’t clear to you by now that blockchain is here to stay, then maybe investing in crypto isn’t for you. Many of the projects that we see today will disappear—as they don’t offer a working product, or they offer a working product that has no real-life application. However, there are many blockchain projects that exist today that are very much here to stay. Financial institutions are also getting involved—which is good news!

Blockchain technology has so many real-world applications where it could be extremely beneficial; however, due to fact that we are at the very beginning of blockchain being accepted as a useful technology, it’s important to remember that not all projects will be successful.

Buying low and selling high is important with any investment.

Although it sounds obvious to buy low and sell high, many people let their emotions get in the way when investing in crypto. For those who got into the market in the “Crypto Rush” at the end of 2017, this simple piece of logic is still hard for them to accept.

However, the prices have fallen and stabilized, so to invest now would be much safer than it was back then. Of course, it’s still a risk, but much less of one. The prices may drop more still, but they aren’t going to drop by the same percentage they have during the year already—at least not the serious projects. Take a tip from the guys on Wall Street, they don't make money buying high and selling low!

There are no more weak hands in the crypto market.

Since the massive bull-run and subsequent crash, correction, and stabilization over the past twelve months, the cryptocurrency market and the typical cryptocurrency investors have changed. One of the biggest problems of the Q4 2017 bull-run was that you could invest in any coin, whether it had any use at all, and still make money.

Of course, this kind of madness bought in investors who did literally no research and made a lot of money—and then panic sold, even if they were holding onto solid investments the moment they saw red. Why? Because people were so used to everything going up daily that people really panicked if one of their investments went down a little in a day—so they sold.

The weak hands are now probably out of the game, and the ones who stayed have learned their lessons about when to sell and when to hold. Hopefully anyway, because this will be a real game changer.

The potential blockchain technology has is considerable.

This is a brilliant question, and the answer is very simple. There is no reason for you to invest in crypto at all. However, if you can see the potential that blockchain technology is going to bring to the world over the coming years, then you will see that the time to invest in crypto is now.

Will it make you millions? Unlikely, but there will be a small minority of those who jump in on excellent projects early enough, and will make millions from small investments. You need to consider your investment a long term investment and hold onto your coins when you invest in crypto now.

There is more information available.

Five years ago, if you wanted to invest in the crypto market, it was hard to find much information on many of the projects. Cryptocurrencies were very much an underground scene. If you want to invest in crypto now, it’s a very different landscape.

Various websites and social media sites, Reddit in particular, are buzzing with information and news on what to invest in and why. More importantly, scams are being exposed much quicker than before; so to invest in cryptocurrencies right now is much safer, so long as you use the information available to you!

Buying cryptocurrencies has never been easier.

Trying to buy Bitcoin back in 2010 was enough to put anyone off. Firstly, computers back then were slow anyway; and secondly, the wallet, downloading the blockchain, and then finding where and how to send money to some shady website to receive your BTC was just a proverbial nightmare.

Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now is as easy as ordering a book from Amazon. With Coinbase leading the way, offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and even Bitcoin Cash for sale with a bank card or bank transfer, buying Crypto Reddit couldn’t be easier.

There are more secure exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have had their issues in the past. Those who remember the Mt. Gox incident, one of the worst cryptocurrency scams in history, know exactly how bad it was. Mt. Gox was a Japanese exchange that handled over 70 percent of all BTC transactions when it was hacked—over 6 percent of the Bitcoins in circulation in 2014 were stolen, and they had a value of approximately $350 million.

Many people believed that would be the end of crypto. It wasn’t, of course. These days, we have a choice of exchanges, and we have an ever-growing number of decentralized exchanges which cannot be hacked. There have been hacks as recent as this year; however, the serious exchanges have always financially reimbursed victims.

You don't want to miss out!

Whether you are a millionaire or you have just enough money to invest, then it's a great idea to invest in crypto now.

It has the same feeling as the dot-com buzz did after the bubble burst. There is a lot of apprehension, people are wary, and the market seems to be stagnating slightly. Remember what happened to the projects that were around this time after the dot-com bubble burst? Think about Google, Amazon, and Yahoo, just in case you don’t remember.

Invest in crypto now if you can afford to, because blockchain may be the technology that is going to change the way we look at the world.


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