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10 Ethereum Programming Courses on Udemy

by Joseph D. N. Kendrick 2 years ago in product review

The blockchain is here to stay. If you're not comfortable using this modern technology, these Ethereum programming courses will help bring you up to speed.

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Every day, blockchain based technologies become more powerful and relevant to the world of modern finance. Understanding these technologies and learning how to work with them effectively and efficiently is imperative if you want to remain on the forefront of global industry. Since Ethereum is one of the most versatile and powerful platforms for blockchain technology, it is one of the best places to start. This selection of Ethereum programming courses will help you get your footing in the world of blockchain applications.

If you're looking to be fluent in Ethereum programming, this in-depth course delivers. Upon completion of this course, students will have a functional understanding of the Ethereum Blockchain Platform, including accounts, addresses, ether, gas, opcodes, transactions, blocks, mining, and many other facets of Ethereum. Most importantly, this course provides insight into real-world uses of the platform, including writing smart contracts and understanding the detail-oriented high level language of programming with Ethereum.

When most people think of Ethereum, game developmentis not the first thing that comes to mind. Despite its name, this course is not actually a course for prospective game developers. Other programming languages like C++ are much better suited than the Ethereum Blockchain to help you design your first video game. In this brief course, the instructors use the idea of building a Tic Tac Toe game to teach you everything you need to know about the basics of Ethereum.

Decentralized applications, or "DAPPs," are one of the most useful implementations of blockchain based technologies like Ethereum. This course is designed for students who already have at least a basic level of familiarity with blockchain technology and programming languages like Javascript. In this course, students will learn blockchain in plain English like how to develop DAPPs using the Ethereum Virtual Machine. If you've ever wanted to set up an ICO or a private blockchain network, this is the course for you.

What does it really take to become a blockchain developer? This is a brief (4.5 hour) course that sets out to answer this question. While programming experience is recommended, students aren't required to have any prior knowledge of Ethereum or any other blockchain based technologies. In this survey course, students are introduced to a wide variety of topics related to the blockchain, including Ethereum networks, gas and mining, Ether and wei, how to use smart contracts for revenue sharing and more.

Are you short on time? Maybe the five-hour Ethereum programming courses are still too time-consuming for you. Or maybe you simply have no interest in some of the extraneous topics covered in this survey courses. If this describes you, thenthisis the perfect course for you. This one-hour-long crash course provides you with the bare bones information you need to get started writing smart contracts with Solidity. While it doesn't cover any topics outside of Ethereum smart contracts, this course is a great, simple introduction to the Ethereum blockchain.

Thisis another lightning-fast course designed for people who just need a quick introduction to a single aspect of Etherum programming. In this case, the course is designed to provide a brief overview of what it takes to develop decentralized applications in Ethereum using the Truffle framework. If you're only interested in the shortest but sweetest Ethereum programming courses, this is another great choice.

This coursecontains four modules covering the steps it takes to get started developing DAPPs using the Truffle framework. This brief course guides you from your first steps through the basics of Solidity and DAPP development and understanding basic security protocol. One huge benefit of this course is that it is being offered entirely free, meaning there's no excuse to keep you from learning how to develop secure full stack DAPPs on the Ethereum blockchain.

You may recognize these instructors, as they also teach the course on Ethereum Game Development Skillsfeatured in this list. They're back with more high quality information. Whereas their "Tic Tac Toe" course is designed to give you a basic overview of the Ethereum network, this course is designed to target slightly more experienced developers ready to launch their first Initial Coin Offering or build and deploy a decentralized exchange. Both of these Ethereum programming courses from these instructors are worth checking out, regardless of your experience level.

Another quick option—this a 24-hour-long course with the lofty goal of being a one-stop shop for everything you'd ever want to know about the Ethereum network. If there is an ultimate guide to mining Ethereum, this is the ultimate guide when it comes to developing. With features including 24/7 lectures intended to target the Ethereum virtual machine from every angle, including basic and advanced smart contracts, front-end development, and project infrastructure you are on your way to complete mastery.

While the Ethereum blockchain's full capabilities expand far beyond cryptocurrencies, it is still an incredibly effective platform for anyone wishing to create their own digital currency. This course is designed for students with a functional knowledge of programming, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general, so it shouldn't be your first stop. Once you've acquired that entry level knowledge, however, this Ethereum programming course guides you as you develop your own coin from scratch and implement it into various contexts, including mining and smart contracts.

Udemy offers a variety of expertise information while appealing to both professionals and beginners. Since Ethereum is one of the most powerful platforms for blockchain technology, the courses mentioned in this list provide you with a great foundation to get your foot in the door. These options make taking an Ethereum programming course digestible, flexible, fun and affordable.

product review
Joseph D. N. Kendrick
Joseph D. N. Kendrick
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