Why 2019 Is the Best Year for Fashion

by Dakota Thomas 6 months ago in industry

Why Fashion is it at its best state

Why 2019 Is the Best Year for Fashion

If you would've asked me what was the best era for fashion a year ago I would've said the 90s with the scrunchies and Rachel Green plaid skirts, but after some examination, my conclusion has changed. Maybe it's because of my dad telling me to live in the present, but I believe we are in the best era for fashion. Sure there is a manifold of overpriced t-shirt brands, stores that profit off of fast fashion, celebrity brands, and Friends merchandise taking over the stores, but other than that the state of fashion is doing pretty good for a generation of people stuck on their cell phones. For some who are decades older than me the clothes we see today may be outrageous and they may be fulminating at the sight of what these Instagram models are wearing, but with the help of the equality movement, fashion has changed for the better.

Now Anna Wintour might disagree, but fashion has never been this inclusive and had so much tolerance. For this inclusivity we, of course, have to thank the change in our society with the women's empowerment movement, and the overall flow of equality and acceptance. The race for equality has changed many things in our lives from the workplace environment to how we text our crushes. One of the changes we don't completely think about is in the fashion industry; designer labels started to prioritize diversity on the runway in the last years, in all ways. There is more color, voice, and realness in pages of fashion magazines. Models are wearing their natural kinky hair, and freckles are not being covered up with pounds of concealer. Whether you have a size in the double digits, or simply just want to wear the color beige, there is some item of clothing directed for you.

This representation has been amazing, and as it spreads, it also changed the overall perception of the fashion industry. What once was a frivolous industry for people with too much money is now a frivolous industry for everybody. With the change in perception of the industry, people in fashion have also become more conscious about how clothing is being made in terms of fast fashion. Fast Fashion is still prevalent, but now we are being self aware and taking a closer look at our clothes while choosing sustainable brands. It is my hope that this consciousness grows into action, and more people start being aware of why their shirt was only $5.

Along with who the clothes are made for in fashion, the style of how we dress has changed tremendously. While social media takes over our lives one might assume that we are following trends more, but now from my experience of going back to school and seeing everyone's outfits, it seems that people are creating their own style rather than copying what one sees. For example outstanding teen singer Billie Eilish made a huge statement coming in to the music industry in baggy clothing made for niveous weather. While proving women in music don't need to dress a certain way, Billie also made it ok to wear big puffy jackets, bit didn't shame girls who love shorts and tube tops. I won't say Billie started this, but she definitely contributed to the trend of less accentuated clothing. Girls are trying to squeeze into the latest skinny jeans, and wide legged pants are making their way in stores. The extra short shorts are also being replaced by biker shorts that are cute and abide by the dress code. This to me definitely represents where fashion is; there are no strict set of rules and the key piece of clothing is confidence.

Even though new fashion trends have been created, we're still bringing back signature 90s trends like hair clips, clueless plaid skirts, and baggy overalls. While we reminisce on 90s fashion, we don't fail to incorporate these iconic styles with new trends, one of my favorite examples of this has to be the pairing of oversized graphic tees and biker shorts. Graphic tees in general have been one of my favorite pieces of clothing, and I'm not talking about the ones that are destroyed in the dryer, but the ones with classic icons like Aaliyah and Justice and Lucky from Poetic Justice.

All decades of fashion were aging from afros to pin up dos. With more diversity, choices in clothing, and consciousness in what we wear, the 21at century has made fashion into something amazing. As time goes on Fashion will develop even more, but my hopes are that it doesn't grow out of the inclusive environment it is now.

Dakota Thomas
Dakota Thomas
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