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What is Gen-Z looking for in their watches? | The Hour Markers

by The Hour Markers 2 months ago in men
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What is Gen-Z looking for in their watches?

THM Research reveals.

As of late, the Omega X Swatch joint effort watch, the MoonSwatch, encouraged crowds of individuals from everywhere in the world to swarm retail facades. These purchasers weren't all fans or epicureans; these were individuals impelled by patterns, inheritance, and reasonableness. It was a powerful coincidence of sorts that had never been seen before in the watch business.

Everything this says to us is that there is another gathering intrigued by watches and they are searching for something else than what has been generally advertised.

This new gathering, known as Generation Z or Gen-Z, contains individuals brought into the world somewhere in the range of 1997 and 2012, and they are searching for extravagant watches that are something other than superficial points of interest. They need watches that are snappy, however, they likewise maintain that they should be useful and have a story behind them.

Money matters

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

While various people from Gen-Z are at this point wrapping up their coaching and starting their callings, they are currently contemplating the way that they will spend their money. In addition, concerning luxury watches, sensibility is critical. A couple of respondents say that they should see extra sensible decisions from lavish brands. The respondent said, "I think the enormous issue for my age is the sticker cost. We love great things anyway much of the time can't legitimize the expense." This is doubtlessly why the MoonSwatch did so for sure, esteemed at just US$207 (super pocket-obliging for an Omega watch).

Other than moderateness, some are in like manner wanting to place assets into watches that hold long stretch regard. Lately, Bloomberg declared that pre-owned excess watches, such as Rolex Daytonas and Patek Philippe Nautilus watches, had extended in regard by north of 30% throughout the last year. They were regarded as higher than exemplary vehicles and advanced cash. This is the age that regularly ponders wealth and how to increase it, so it's nothing startling that they would be excited about looks as an endeavor.

Value and exclusivity

However reasonableness is significant, and esteem is as well. More prominent buying power and broadened preferences have made this age a sought-after crowd for extravagance brands. These are additionally the attributes that make Gen-Z search for restrictiveness and glory. They need items that are interesting and not efficiently manufactured. One respondent said, "I might want to see more restricted version watches because we need to feel like they are essential for a select gathering that approaches something uniquely great." This is a developing pattern in the realm of extravagance watches, with brands like Patek Philippe delivering exceptional releases of their watches and Rolex acquainting new metals and materials with their setup.

Ulysse Nardin Diver NetItem

Some Gen-Zers are likewise able to spend more on a watch that they see as being important, like a Rolex, Seiko, or Patek Philippe. This inclination for better standards without ever compromising is something that extravagance watch brands have consistently strived for. It is likewise something that Gen-Zers will pay for, as proven by the developing business sector for used watches.


Gen-Z is a very socially conscious generation and they want their luxury brands to reflect that. Sustainability is important to them and they are looking for environmentally friendly brands. One respondent said, “I would like to see more sustainable/eco-friendly watches that use sustainable materials and processes. We are living in a time when the climate crisis is at its peak, and it is upon us and brands to show up and make changes.” This is likely because Gen-Z has witnessed the devastating effects of climate change firsthand and they want to be part of the solution. Many luxury watch brands have been acting on this preference, too, with brands like Chopard releasing timepieces crafted from sustainable materials. The Ulysse Nardin Diver Net is another example, as it is made from fishing nets, plastic bottles, and the like.

Additionally, Gen-Zers are looking for transparency and they want to know that the brands they support share their values. One respondent said, “I would like to see brands be more transparent about where their watches are made and how they are made.” This is an important consideration for many young people who are looking to invest in luxury goods.


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