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By Kapil DavePublished 8 months ago 3 min read

The temperature started rising and so you should rise your temperature as well. Summer is all about adventure, but while you're at it, you want to keep it casual and don't let the clothing stick to your sweat-dampened skin. it is important to choose the right outfits for summer.

Looking for the right guide for styling this summer? You are at the right place. Summers are knocking on the doors and you should now decide what to buy for this summer. Here are some outfits which you can style this summer:


If your workplace thinks it's okay for you to skip the suit and switch to something as nifty as a 9-5 job, you should seriously consider adjusting the leash. A well-tailored pair and make sure it's a snug fit, not too loose or too tight. Always choose neutral shades like brown or beige for offices and bold colors for outings and beaches and make sure both have some textures.


Whether in the fields or on the shirt, blooming flowers are one of the most beautiful things of summer. Style it with a floral printed half-sleeve shirt and men's cotton shorts for a casual yet statement look. Floral motifs range from micro-sized designs to oversized patterns that stretch across the shirt. This look is also perfect for the holidays. Go for mix and match when it comes to shorts.


Change the basic crew neck T-shirt to a polo T-shirt this season! It's all you need to refresh your summer wardrobe. Again, pairing it with shorts or cargo ensures maximum comfort and is considered one of the most elegant additions to your casual summer wardrobe. Team it with sneakers or loafers to look stylish.


If you want the perfect balance of comfort and style for your off days, cargo pants for men are the way to go. It's so easy to mix and match, just add an oversized t-shirt for him to create a memorable summer look for any man. Again, neutral or pastel colors will help you to pair with the right top-wear.


For maximum comfort, slip it into your favorite jogging pants and pair it with a baggy t-shirt for a loose fit or a regular fit t-shirt, or quirky printed new trending shirts for men. This also makes for a stunning look when paired with some accessories. Try it out and relax all day long! This summer outfit for men is a must-try.


Casual tees look amazing when worn with right-bottom wear like cargo pants, joggers, or some printed shorts. Casual tees look amazing and can be worn on dates, in offices, colleges, and many more places. You can wear loafers or sneakers as footwear to make it your complete go-to outfit.


The only accessory which looks cool in both seasons is a baseball cap! Baseball caps have a smart look and go with every outfit. Solid sandals, when worn with some printed shorts of contrasting colors, look amazing as gym wear, and night outs or can be worn according to your preference.


When you get bored after wearing t-shirts every day then comes tank tops with the bonus of breathable fabric and a comfortable look that keeps you cool during summer. You can wear them as gym wear, during boys’ night outs, and in other places according to your preference to have a cool look. Pair them with printed or plain solid shorts to have a cool look.


Some rules are meant to be broken – and some are meant to be followed. While there is no bar on how you choose to style your outfits for the season, it’s important to establish a few ground rules which are listed above before you go ahead and put two and two together. There are also colors that you’d be better off without, like darker hues, especially black, but we’re sure you already knew that!


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