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Unbelievable Benefits of Using the Facial Tissue

Properties of Tissue Papers

By Muhammad Asif Published 7 months ago 5 min read

What is tissue paper?

Facial tissue primarily refers to the kind of soft, disposable, absorbent tissue best worn on the face. This facial tissue is available in different packaging and scents, usually sold in boxes. Other types of tissues include washcloths and napkins designed to comfort users. In addition, the other basic purpose of these tissues are to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus.

These facial tissues are first defined in the 1920's and then refined over many years to add more softness and strength, but the basic design does not change. Today, a normal person consumes hundreds of tissues per year for various purposes.

Uses of Tissue Paper:

We can use tissue paper for many reasons. Here I will develop some of them.

To Avoid Flu and Sneezing Germs

Avoiding flu germs and sneezing is a difficult task. There are many remedies and ways to combat colds and flu. You have to deal with runny nose and mess caused by sneezing. Paper tissues seem to offer a better solution as they can be disposed of after use. Many people prefer to use tissues because they are easy to dispose of after use and are the best way to clear nasal secretions.

For Cleaning Purposes

Tissues are a common item available in our bags and pockets to be used when needed. WBM Care facial tissues are designed with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. Our tissues are highly absorbent to quickly dry your skin and it's very comfortable to quickly wipe away sweat from your brows. Our tissues are the best for cleaning your glasses as they do not scratch the lenses and also gently remove dust.

To Remove Makeup

The main purpose behind the creation of tissue paper is to remove makeup and in the beginning it was only used by women and girls. Our tissues are ideal for removing makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, and cold cream from your face while being gentle and without stripping moisture from your skin.

To Keep Your Lipstick Long Lasting

Apply lipstick and voluminous tissue between your lips to make your lipstick last long. Our tissues can absorb extra lipstick and make you look more flawless and dazzling.

Properties of Tissue Papers

Tissue paper has various properties that set it apart from other types of paper. Here are the properties:


Comfort, of course, is what differentiates tissue paper from other types of paper. No one would opt for a newspaper to wipe their hands on tissue paper. Indeed, the tissue paper has been designed specifically while keeping in mind that it is comfortable to use.

Basis Weight

Basis weight is a term used in the fabric and paper industry to refer to the amount of mass per unit area. The basis weight of tissue paper is its weight for a certain number of sheets. For tissue paper, that number usually boils down to about 300 sheets.


This property of tissue paper is from its roughness. The rougher the tissue paper, the greater its ability to absorb liquids. This is often the reason why some types of tissue paper have more ability to absorb the water or other liquid than others.


The caliper is a measure of the thickness of the tissue paper. Since the density of paper is usually not known directly, it is measured using a Vernier caliper. The thickness of tissue paper is often the same from brand to brand, as the thickness of tissue paper does not vary much. Caliber is measured in micrometers.


The brilliance of tissue paper is an optical property. Brightness is measured along with color under indoor and outdoor lighting conditions on paper. This is done because there are certain international standards that must be adhered to when making tissue paper.


The stretch ability of tissue paper comes from a process called crepe control in the manufacture of tissue paper. The sheet of tissue paper is glued to a drier surface and then compacted to form micro folds on the sheet, making it stretchy and therefore soft.


Appearance is one of the most important properties of any product. This also applies to tissue paper, because the appearance of tissue paper is very important to customers. Consumers would be reluctant to use tissue papers that are unattractive or otherwise unattractive due to their appearance.

WBM Care Facial Tissue:

WBM Care facial tissues are the best personal care product. Like other paper products, fiber is the main source of our tissue papers and we use 100% virgin wood pulp. Our fabrics are free of chemical additives, recycled or other raw materials and mixed. Our care tissues are washable, durable and also ideal for rinsing. Our Care tissues can help gently cleanse your skin without rashes or other skin irritations. Our tissue boxes are available in beautiful and unique packaging. WBM Care does not believe in compromising the quality and purity of our products. We greatly appreciate the trust of our valued customers.

WBM Care facial tissues are available in different sizes and packaging. You can find scented and fragrance-free tissues in our collection. Our scented tissues include essences of tea tree and rose to refresh your spirit after each use. These aromas include the medical benefits, such as the aroma of tea tree that helps to cure migraine pain, while the aroma of rose helps to keep the mind and mood fresh. Plus, our skincare tissues won't tear into pieces after being used on wet surfaces. You may be surprised to learn that WBM Care facial tissues are washable. These can be rinsed and dried and then reused as well. Our fabric does not lose its strength when wet. Our tissue boxes contain 33% more tissues than other brands.

Bamboo Tissue Paper

Bamboo is technically a grass and one of the fastest growing crops. A new bamboo cane will reach its full height in just eight to ten weeks.

Bamboo forests grow more than 30 times faster than hardwoods. Bamboo plants also absorb more than 35 times more carbon dioxide and produce 30 times more oxygen than conventional trees.

After harvest, it regenerates so quickly that studies have shown regular harvesting actually increases biomass the following year. Bamboo paper is highly absorbent, antibacterial and hypoallergenic and is 100% biodegradable.


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