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Trousers for Men — What You Need To Know

Trousers for Men

By Callino LondonPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Trousers define the entire look of a man. You can select to dress down or up a tee, a collared shirt, or a blazer, but it’s not possible to wear a pair of sweatpants in a wedding or a cargo in an office event. Before searching for Cotton Trousers for Men Online in India, you need to understand the essentials of them. Read this article to know about some major types of trousers and a brief discussion on them!

1. Work Pants

Fit: Workwear pants are usually loose fits and have riveted pockets.

Fabric: The work pants are made of Duck Canvas or Cotton Duck. The plain-woven cotton fabric is heavy and strong.

Styling/Colors: Go for conventional black, navy blue, and beige colors. You can wear work pants with a jumper, tee-shirt, work boots, sneakers, or untucked collared shirt.

2. Chinos

Fit: Chinos are high-rise trousers that offer a straight silhouette with a tapered, clean look. Most chinos have flat fronts but go for a pleated front if you have larger legs.

Fabric: Chinos are made using twilled cotton that is more easily draped than denim and softer. Men prefer chinos more when it comes to buying Cotton Pants for Men Online in India.

Styling/Colors: Chinos are available in black, navy blue, and beige colors, but many people prefer pastel and bold colors also. Pair these semi-formal pants with high-tops, sneakers, or shoes.

3. Dress Pants

Fit: Dress pants offer an unbroken, smooth silhouette. These high-rise pants are taper to the ankles and widest at the waist.

Fabric: Basically, these pants are made of a synthetic blend, polyester, or wool.

Styling/Colors: These formal trousers must remain in traditional colors like black, navy blue, and gray.

4. Sweatpants

Fit: In case you want a trendy, bold look, go with a tapered fit.

Fabric: Sweatpants are made of a soft cotton-polyester blend or heavy knit cotton.

Styling/Colors: Go for charcoal, ash, coal, and gray colors. Choose somewhere on the grayscale when it comes to fashion sweats of men. For these casual trousers, pair with amazing kicks like clean white sneakers. Also, you can wear a denim jacket or crewneck with sweatpants.

5. Jeans

Fit: Jeans are available in a slim fit, straight fit, and classic fit. A slim fit hugs the calves, knees, and thighs while loosening up around the ankles. A straight fit is perfect for larger legs. A baggy, classic fit creates a bunched-up or flare fabric at the ankle.

Fabric: Denim is a cotton-woven, sturdy textile that is highly stretchable.

Styling/Colors: The inky blue is the classic jeans’ color. But men’s jeans are available in other light and dark colors also. You can wear them with boots, casual blazers, oxfords, and peacoats.


So, this is the fundamental of dressing your bottoms. It’s a brief discussion on the major types of famous men’s pants that are trendy nowadays. You can opt for any look discussed above if you are planning to purchase cotton trousers for men online in India.

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Callino London is a well-known Luxury Menswear Fashion Brand. We established in 2014. We are capable of transforming a piece of cloth into a marvel of creativity and inspiration. Our collection is regularly updated as per market trends and demand.

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Callino London

Callino London is a well known Luxury Menswear Fashion Brand. We established in 2014. We are capable of transforming a piece of cloth into a marvel of creativity and inspiration.

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