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Top 5 Status Symbol for The Rich and Famous

by Chris about a month ago in models and influencers

Status Symbol for The Rich and Famous

Top 5 Status Symbol for The Rich and Famous

Being rich and famous is one thing, and to display your richness is another. People today have become millionaires in their 20’s. Rich kids and rich personalities have been using various status symbols time and now.

From logo purses, brand names, flashy cars, to more dazzling rings signify the status of the rich and famous. These trends have been in the market for quite some time now. People today are shifting to newer unique trends to showcase their financial status.

The evolution of status symbols has always depended upon public perception. From the UK to the UAE, status symbols range from countries to people to trends.

5 Status Symbols for the Rich and Famous

The status symbols among people may vary from place to place. However, certain status symbols stand upright for a long time among famous people. Here we have collected five such status symbols that you will only notice among the rich people.

1. Luxury brand logos

Wearing luxury and exclusive brands have been a method for the rich and famous to showcase their money. Rich and famous people spend helplessly massive amounts on branded clothes.

From expensive ball gowns to classy tuxedos, the rich have never thought twice before buying one. The shopping from the luxury brands is so stellar that brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel earn more than $20 billion.

Designer fashion and clothing is yet another status symbol for the rich. They want to get unique dresses and clothes curated, especially for them. Many of the designer pieces worn by the rich are worth more than $5000. Apart from clothing, an immense amount of money is spent by the women on luxury handbags.

2. Custom Cigars

In ancient times, cigars were loosely wrapped with a leaf. However, today cigars have become a status symbol. Custom cigars are associated with wealthy men and women who smoke them.

Movies and pop culture have shown smoking cigar as an activity of the rich and powerful. People and fans have since then followed the trend of smoking cigars. Private clubs are filled with people who smoke a cigar to show-off.

Premium cigars are the choice of the rich and famous. The prefer smoking brands that are not available to regular citizens. The custom cigar has therefore used as a status symbol for a long time.

3. Opulent Cars

From movies to real life, driving luxury cars is marked as a symbol of richness. You see your favourite actors going or enjoying a ride in their opulent vehicles, making them stand out of the crowd.

Fast cars are yet another famous status symbol among wealthy people. The rich are today shifting to electric vehicles with increasingly high performances. These cars are not cheap and cost whopping amounts.

Cars have been a status symbol for a long time. However, studies show that even in today’s time, buying a luxury car is considered as a status symbol. Luxury cars need significant investment. Only the people who have genuinely worked hard with dedication can gift themselves one.

4. Blinging Watches

Expensive watches have always seemed like a thing of the rich people. Even today, when most of us check our phones to view the time, watches were never replaced. Luxury watch brands like Rolex has always been a dream for many.

People use watches as a status symbol all the time. The bling and design of the watch speak for its cost itself. The rich have always been attracted to a unique collection of watches.

Expensive watches among rich includes many brands that an average person wouldn’t even think of buying. These watches cost so high that a watch by Patek Philippe is worth $31 million.

5. Fine Wine

Wines have always been showcased in films and series as an elite drink. Celebrities are shown sipping their exclusive wines post a long and tiring day.

The wine’s being relished as a classy drink from parties, to corporate events, to weddings.

As they say, the finer the wine, the better it tastes. However, it is not in everyone’s budget to buy a bottle of fine wine. Fine wine has become a status symbol for the rich and famous for a long time.

Restaurants serve wines at a very high price, making it a drink of the rich and famous. Fine wine is also a ubiquitous gift rich people give to greet each other. From New Year’s Eve to Thanksgiving, there’s not one celebration without wine for the rich.

Overall Outlook

Rich and famous have always tried to stand out of the crowd by experimenting with different status symbols. If you compare the older times from today’s time, you’ll notice a massive change in the choice of status symbols among the rich.

In today’s time, owning a house in a high-class locality is itself considered a sign of richness. People have more prominent families today as a status symbol of their wealth. It showcases how they can afford to raise all their children well.

With changing symbols for richness, these five status symbols have been constant among the rich and famous for a long time now.

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