Top 5 Hottest Choices in Men's Fashion Right Now

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Weird is thankfully trending again

Top 5 Hottest Choices in Men's Fashion Right Now

Men's fashion 2020 has opened up to new and unexpected trends that are paving the way towards a more liberal sense of swagger. Men are beginning to choose clothes they feel more free wearing, and now more than ever we can really see how fashion is used to express one's self.

Number 5: Beige Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the most popular decisions right now for men all around the world. The large pockets provide a beautiful canvas for many talented and creative designers from all around the world to express themselves in many shapes and sizes. Being able to fill them up with fabric roses or with coloured bandanas shows identity and love and passion in ways that clothes with less pockets never could have. The pocket offers a new and dynamic way of communicating a message. There is also the aspect of the danger which makes them so appealing. You never know what is underneath them - and sometimes people wear nothing, those are the perverts. In addition, drug dealers could take advantage of the plethora of pocket space and use this to store their illegal contraband. This makes the coat a fairly controversial option to wear as well. It is very popular right now, but still bold in our current social climate.

Number 4: Baseball Ring

This fashion piece has recently been getting a lot of attention after prominent members of the MLB have been spotted wearing these. Baseball rings are very popular and cool, with every team being in style right now. Pick one at random, and many people will immediately feel at ease with you around them. By wearing this item, you're demonstrating your interest in sports; a normal and agreeable hobby by society's standards. Individuality in fashion is encouraged, however tribalism is even more hot right now. If people see the logo and team colours of a favoured team, its psychologically proven that their brains will release a small amount of dopamine in response. That means that wearing a baseball ring, in addition to making you look cool and tough and like you play baseball, it gets you on people's good side.

Number 3: Kung Fu Belt

Everyone loves Karate. Nothing is more appealing than strength. Whenever someone goes to prison, they do not try to earn as much money as possible or try to study their way to the top of every education program. They lift weights and get strong and fight to earn respect. If you wear a Kung Fu belt in public, that alone is not guaranteed to make people think you look cool. Its not even an aesthetic choice at all to be honest, its a complimentary one. If you wear a Karate belt, you're likely to have challengers. Strong willed, young, hard-headed people who see your belt and figure its a good idea to try and take you down a couple of notches. When people in public see you fight these challengers, they will gain a new level of respect for you. They will start to see the other clothes that you're wearing as cooler or more fashionable, simply because you performed a brave feat out in public. This is something to wear when you feel like the other parts of your fit are looking a bit weak.

Number 2: Green Sticky Hand Toy

Praised for its emerald green hue, it truly accentuates any mint tones that you might choose to wear with your pants or shoes. If you're thinking of going this fashion route, make sure to choose a shirt with a dark colour - preferably black if you want the whole outfit to come together at first glance. This is something that can typically be held in the left hand, between the thumb and the forefinger. Try your best to keep it long and stretched, dangling gently next to your highlighted pants or edge-trimmed shoes. When you're looking relaxed and casual with it, some people are quoted as having thought it appeared to be a real hand. As mentioned earlier, different is in right now. Different is cool. Many people looking for substitutes have foolish chosen the blue sticky hand toy and faced dire consequences. I would seriously not recommend going this route or else you'll have to learn like they did.

Number 1: Cheeto Print

Cheeto print. Cheeto print. Cheeto print. Its in every fashion magazine. A trend that's died and resurfaced in a seemingly never ending cycle since the early 70's. Chester is a very popular character and his pattern is seemingly emulated everywhere. Move over, Tony - there's a new tiger in town. If you want to be in-it, I'd recommend wearing this pattern on a jacket or even on a bucket hat if you want to start setting new trends. This is so hot right now, I'm making thousands of dollars just selling Cheeto print tape out to people. Its a quick and easy way of remodelling some of your less cool items into something a bit more spectacular. Boring old dress shirt? Tape it into something that's a bit more Spicy Hot. Your opportunities are endless with this affordable, yet cool male fashion piece.

Larry Peemier
Larry Peemier
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