Top 10 Best Disney Princess Outfits

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The animators are Disney are the best in the business for a reason, and the dresses that done each princess are a testament to that.

If you’re gonna be a princess, you gotta dress the part. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Best Disney Princess Outfits."

For this list, we’ll be looking at some dreamy Disney princess clothes, whether it’s those lovely outfits that were created through wondrous magic, or clothes that the princesses started out in, because hey, sometimes, they wake up like this. We’ll only be covering the ladies in the official line-up, so as fierce as women like Megara are—especially with that dress—they won’t be on this list.

If our winter clothes looked as cute as Anna’s, we probably wouldn’t mind going out and building a snowman or two. At first glance, Anna’s clothes look simple enough: skirt, cloak, and boots that are very much necessary for winter... or taking on large snow creatures. However, it’s the fun, bright colors and the small details that make this outfit a favorite of ours. Elsa may be the more sophisticated sister, but with the elegant designs in the skirt, the details in the black top and pink cloak, Anna certainly has her own sense of grace and style.

When you’re one with nature, you apparently get an amazing outfit so you can paint with all the colors of the wind. It doesn’t even matter that it’s just one ensemble, not when you rock it the way Pocahontas does. Her outfit of choice consists of a one-shoulder tan dress with a bright blue necklace. Hey, what can we say: When you’re a free spirit who runs head first into adventure, less is more. That, and you don’t need complexity when you have perfect, wind-whipping hair and killer cheekbones. Besides, she tried complex once... it didn’t go so well.

If we could, we’d put this girl’s entire wardrobe into our closet—even her work uniform. Maybe it’s because the story takes place in the Big Easy, but every outfit Tiana wears really lights up the screen—especially that lovely ball gown. Sticking with the whole frog motif, this dress is absolutely heavenly with its layers of leaf green, matching crown, and elbow-length gloves. With just the right amount of jewelry and her hair tied up in a neat bun, this princess makes frog transformations and bayou navigation look good. Forget being almost there, Tiana has arrived.

The song did say, "Let it go," and Else did exactly that. It should be noted that her outfit before this transformation is pretty spectacular with its regal elegance, but this ice blue dress won us over as soon as we laid eyes on it. It’s a stunning light blue gown with a sheer cape behind it, complete with speckled details of snowflakes and frost. Also, we have to say, her “I’m done with this nonsense” smile complements the dress well. Now if only WE could make ourselves a fancy dress whenever we were fed up with people.

Aladdin wasn’t the only one smitten by Agrabah’s princess. Jasmine’s beauty is undeniable; heck, she can even make a plain, brown cloak look good. Decades later and we’re still in love with that short top, those harem pants, that perfect shade of green, and did you see those earrings and shoes?! We also love the bold red of the alternate version of this ensemble—unfortunately, she’s wearing it against her will. Still, she manages to make the best of a bad situation. Remember, Jafar, she isn’t a prize to be won.

Which dress is better? Pink? Or blue? Answer: We’re picking both! After all, how could we possibly choose between the two when Aurora’s own fairy godmothers can’t decide? We can all agree that the style of the dress is simply sublime. The way it’s cut, the way it flows, all of that is nailed perfectly. But then we get not one, but two color choices. This would be easier if Aurora didn’t look so stunning in both colors. That playful pink. That gorgeous blue. Hey! Maybe we can mash the two together... hmmmm, on second thought...

What does one wear when she’s a mermaid princess who lives under the sea? Especially when she has a full head of luscious, red hair, and a tail—hey, mermaid tails are always in style. While Ariel’s purple seashell top doesn’t seem like much of an outfit, it is iconic to her, and it is the most fun piece she has in her wardrobe. We admit, we also have a soft spot for that big, pink dress—especially when she uses the fork as a comb—but when it comes to Ariel, we had to stick to our oceanic roots.

She may not be like the rest of us, but when you illuminate a room just by stepping into it, you don’t have to be. Belle was seen as an oddity in her town, right down to that cute blue dress of hers. But when she enters the Beast’s castle, she gets a major dress upgrade. The romantic dance she shares with Beast is where we really fall in love with all those golden layers. We’re eager to see Emma Watson bring that iconic dress to the big screen—after all, it is a tale as old as time.

Ladies and gentlemen: the very first Disney princess. Armed with optimism and rosy cheeks, we whistled along with her while she worked that classic dress. A young woman as cheerful as Snow was born to wear bright colors, and bright is exactly what we got, complete with some clever red accents to go with the bow in her hair. To us, Snow White’s dress is a surprisingly bold choice since she wears it outside with all of those woodland creatures. Kudos to you, fair maiden, but we’d have all kinds of outdoor scuffs in that outfit.

Before we get to our number one pick, let’s dig in our dream closets and pull out these honorable mentions:

  • Rapunzel’s Dress—Tangled
  • Mulan’s Pink Matchmaker Hanfu—Mulan
  • Merida’s Dress—Brave

Ah, so this is what dreams look like... in dress form, anyway. This is the dress that made us believe that fairytales came true. Just as Cinderella is ready to cry herself to sleep after dealing with her horrible stepfamily, she meets her fairy godmother—a woman we could all use every now and then. All it takes is some good ole fashion Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo to create this absolutely dreamy gown, and every single iteration we’ve seen of it is heavenly. The only downside is that it only lasts until midnight, but that’s just enough time to snag a prince.

Do you agree with our list? Which Disney princess dress do you wish were a part of your wardrobe? For more magical top 10 published everyday, be sure to wish upon a star... or just subscribe to MsMojo.

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