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Tipsy Elves and REEF Slide Into the Holiday Season Together

by Jennifer Barnes 12 months ago in footwear

The coziest (and funniest!) collaboration of the season is here just in time for sweater weather

Tipsy Elves, the cheeky, playful “ugly” holiday sweater company that entered mainstream attention with an appearance on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” is stepping into a new lane for the holiday season this year. In a partnership with popular footwear company REEF, the two brands have created a set of slides perfect for stepping into the holiday season in style.

Tipsy Elves has been known to dive into the holiday season in full force every year, offering style selections for Christmas, Hanukkah, and those that just want to have fun. Previously, Tipsy Elves could be counted on as the one-stop shop all the way from October to December with Halloween costumes, festive Thanksgiving attire, and, of course, showstoppers for the holiday party tour, providing perfect options for the office party and gatherings with friends alike. This year, with such events largely off the table, everyone feeling the holiday spirit will have to find other ways to get festive.

Through this collaboration with REEF, Tipsy Elves is offering the perfect way to spread cheer right from home. Get playful with the perennial warning against yellow snow, indulge in a festive unicorn fantasy, go for laughs with some naughty reindeer, or bring a little bite to the end of the year. Through all these options, the super soft, over-padded footbed of the slippers officially makes the naughty list the most comfortable place to be.

For anyone looking to take this collection to the next level, Tipsy Elves is also offering matching sweaters to coincide with the slippers, meaning the possibility of being decked out from head to toe - literally - is well within reach. When the cozy outfit needs a little kick or it’s time to put together a look for Instagram, this collection checks all the boxes.

For those familiar with Tipsy Elves and its past work, this year’s batch of eye-catching styles will come as no surprise: the company was established on the self-professed mission of “making the most outrageous clothes known to mankind in order to make life more legendary collection at a time.” REEF, on the other hand, is a company built on the foundation of beach culture, established by two brothers hoping to share their love of surfing, travel, and seaside lounging with the world. A holiday collection between two such brands may sound like an unlikely partnership, but the companies manage to have plenty in common: both teams share the desire to bring joy to the world through their products, ultimately encouraging anyone interested to live freely by staying true to themselves.

This year’s Santa Shark Reef Slipper is a clever nod to the company’s past on ABC’s Shark Tank, in which Tipsy Elves made an appearance that launched the already successful brand to new heights through investment and exposure. During the team’s day of shooting, show investor Robert Herjavec was notably drawn to the founder’s commitment to their brand, specifying an admiration for founder Evan Mendelsohn’s decision to quit his law job to focus full-time on Tipsy Elves. Robert ended up making the Tipsy Elves team an offer and the company has since continued to flourish in this partnership.

By establishing this joint collection with REEF, the Tipsy Elves brand is also exploring new territory. Similarly, REEF, a company with products that conjure images of sunshine and summertime, is managing to capture an audience in a new and unexpected season. While 2020 has offered countless curveballs, this unexpected twist of a collaboration is a welcome one.

For more on the collaboration between Tipsy Elves and REEF, check out their respective websites and make sure to follow them on social media for news on what else these brands have in store!


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