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The Moissanite: History And Benefits

History Of Moissanite

By vihar vaghasiyaPublished about a month ago 6 min read

Moissanite is another form of diamond that has the same appearance, but the fact is that Moissanite is very cheap to get for engagement rings and wedding ornaments. In a survey of light reflection between diamonds and moissanite, we found that Moissanite throws such a tremendous amount of sparkles through the surfaces. Moissanite is made from silicon carbide, which usually originated in liquid form.

But Why Moissanite Found And From Which Factors It Makes Preferable For Every Person who wants to purchase than a diamond ring. In 2030, Moissanite will take over the diamond market with 67% because moissanite has such exceptional reflection lights from the surfaces. It’s the reality that Moissanite is the best alternative option for diamonds.

  • What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite is the best option for engagement rings and wedding accessories, especially ornaments or jewelry. Moissanite is made from silicon carbide with such a process of chemical sciences. Moissanite has the same look as diamonds. You can’t differentiate between it and diamonds, but you have to option to identify them with a diamond tester that easily tells you about the synthetic stones or natural or lab grown diamonds.

Due to its chemical number, the silicon carbide has been placed in Moissanite surfaces for such brilliance reflection lights. In science, we found some glittering elements with the same reflection colors as Moissanite. But Moissanite is usually made for jewelry and engagement rings, so the competition is held between Moissanite and Diamonds.

In the battle of Moissanite and Diamonds, Moissanite clearly wins the race because it has benefits like a meager price, antique cut varieties(which are not available in NATURAL DIAMONDS), 16X more reflection ability, +90% hardness, Classy and Optimum Looks As Diamonds. In Moissanite, the buyer doesn’t feel worried about the reflection lights because, on the earth, Moissanite has only that high level of reflection ability.

The Unheard Truth Of Moissanite’s History:

Moissanite is not a diamond, but it’s complementary to diamonds due to the same appearance and is available at low prices. Moissanite is not mined, but it was found mistakenly by Henri moissan in Arizona in 1893 while he was experimenting with such rocks of the meteor crater. Meteor Carter is the sign of the biggest exploid who lands on the Arizona, USA. Meteor Carter has a 5600FT Diameter, which is huge.

Henri Moissan inspected the rocks of Meteor Carter to acknowledge why they fell on earth. Then, he took a sample into the lab and investigated the Meteor Carter components. Henri found that some crystal surfaces are glittering, and it becomes helpful to humans and the planet to prevent the digging process.

He investigated all components of Meteor Carter until 11 years to find the best alternatives or substitutes for diamonds. As a result, he found that Moissanite became the complementary option for diamonds by all standards. Because the silicon carbide provides all strength to Moissanite. In Diamonds, Natural And Lab Grown Diamonds have Carbon elements on their surfaces.

Silicon Carbide combines Silicon(Hard Blue Colored Crystal Chemical Element) And Carbon. The Hardness of Moissanite is the result of Silicon Element availability. Carbon gives electrons to the silicon chemical, increasing Moissanite Durability without conflicts. If Silicon Element is used to make Moissanite, then it has the same durability as Diamonds, but it’s nothing possible.

Diamonds are the pure form of Carbon. That’s why Diamonds have 100% Durability. But we are talking about Moissanite. Here is the difference. Moissanite is the solid form of Silicon And Carbon. Thus, Silicon and Carbon Electrons are mixed up. As a result, they lose the durability to prove themselves. As a result, Moissanite has less durability than Diamonds. But, don’t worry, you don’t throw it to understand the durability of Moissanite.

4 Reasons Or Benefits To Buy Moissanite:

Moissanite has different benefits from Diamonds, making Moissanite another frame because it has four reasons or benefits that customers prefer. In addition, Moissanite has the following reasons to buy it first ahead of purchasing Lab grown Diamonds or Natural Diamonds.

1. Moissanite has Less Price than Diamonds:

Moissanite has less price than Diamonds because the making of Moissanite crystals is very cheap, and the mfg cost is meager. That’s why manufacturers now move to Moissanite ahead of manufacturing Natural Diamonds. In addition, Moissanite is a solid form of Silicon and Carbon, which are easily available to find, and it’s eco-friendly.

Moissanite never demands any extravagant or huge machines to dig, and it does not need human resources, so the direct expenses are already very low. As a result, customers get low-priced diamond substitutes and celebrates their special moments like engagement, wedding, and anniversary.

Moissanite doesn’t need to reflect more, but it naturally reflects with its surface blue color, and all of the credit goes to silicon. So, with a cheap price, you can get more reflective diamond substitutes for your love with heart feelings.

2. Moissanite has 16X More Reflection Than Diamonds:

Moissanite is made from Silicon and Carbon, so Silicon has been found to blue colored, which is helpful to reflecting more. At the same time, carbon has a white color appearance, so the white and blue colors help Moissanite to reflex at the highest level. Moissanite has 16X more reflection ability than Diamonds.

Moissanite’s symmetry and girdle faceting style carries yellow and blue colored lights, which is placed at the grading or bruting wheel. Moissanite sometimes doesn’t the identified at GIA’s Color Grading Chart. But, yes, Moissanite is the scale with the Z+ grading scale due to some great amount of refraction.

3. Moissanite is Eco-Friendly And Planet Helper To Save Lives:

We all know that pollution is destroying our psychological and physical health. As a result, the average years of living are decreasing yearly, and these facts are implemented in all countries and parts of the world. Moissanite is not mined or found, but it is made in an eco-friendly lab. Moissanite is not the thing that helps to unnatural factors to severely impacts our planet, but it indicates us to use Moissanite to save our world from destruction.

Moissanite making process is eco-friendly and doesn’t affect the natural cycle to set with infrequency. Moissanite uses less water, electricity, and less human resources for the polishing and cutting process. So, Moissanite is an excellent idea to purchase for engagement rings and wedding rings.

4. Moissanite Is Available In Any Shapes:

Moissanite is available in any shape you demand, but you have to tell us which one you want to engrave in your engagement ring and wedding ring. Moissanite is available in step cut, rose cut, animal face cut like horse cut, bull cut, butterfly cut, cat face cut, and Cangaroo cut. Moissanite is not carried a limited option to choose from, but it is available with many options. As a result, you can get your favorite shape of diamond substitute in moissanite. So, Moissanite has an option for selecting the best engagement symbolism of love.

Moissanite is available in many shapes with low prices then; you can get it easily from us. In Moissanite, you can get some clear and best reflection lights than diamonds, especially in antique cuts.

Conclusion: Is Moissanite is best to deal for me?

Yes, moissanite is the best deal for you because inflation has never stopped, and the man or woman who earns income from their job they thought about their family expenses. As a result, many of women are refused to get the best gold jewelry in diamonds. But, don’t worry we give you diamond substitute “Moissanite Jewelry” at low price so you can reduce your budget’s debt. Moissanite is the historical invention from Henri Moissan because Moissanite becomes the best alternative options due to the above benefits.


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