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The Classic Trench Coat

Getting in touch with your inner Humphrey Bogart.

By Mr Dallas Arrowsmith Published 3 years ago 3 min read

When I mention the trench coat, it may conjure up visions of film and television characters such as Humphrey Bogart's infamous Rick Blaine in Casablanca, spies like Maxwell Smart, or memorable detective Columbo. With those examples, in mind, you don't have to be working a case, going undercover or on a mission, but a good quality trench coat is a worthy addition to your winter wardrobe.

in this short article, I highlight key points on how you can stay dry whilst getting in touch with your inner Humphrey Bogart while wearing this iconic coat for cooler seasons. I hope you find this useful.

The Trench Coat is so named because it was made for British troops in the trenches of World War 1. Thomas Burberry created the coat from a fabric he invented called gabardine. It is a tightly woven cotton which maintains moisture without trapping body heat.

Pick the right length

Of the three lengths that this coat is made, before selecting the right one for you, be mindful of the pros and cons:

Three-quarter-length: a more contemporary-looking style and suitable for a man of shorter stature.

Knee-length: this will keep your backside dry when you may catch yourself out on a windy, wet or cold day, but from the knee down your trousers will be exposed to the elements.

Ankle-length: you will feel like a stylish, warm burrito but it takes some confidence and height to wear. Every head that turns to you wearing this trench coat will have you inwardly asking 'Am I pulling this off right now?'

Utilising the belt

There are several choices with wearing the trench coat belt, but I suggest, you wear it as it works best for you. Remember first, this is a functional piece of clothing.

Tied in the front: as previously mentioned this is a functional piece and this is how it was meant to be, and prevent the cold wind and rain reaching your clothes, and fasten the belt.

Let it hang: the unfastened belt can make you look relaxed and unbridled, but I can tell you that this is how you lose the belt, and you will be left with a very expensive coat without the practical belt.

Tied around the back: this is 'next level' styling. It will elevate your look, creating a flattering tapered silhouette, and secures the belt. However, it can be uncomfortable when sitting down.

Completely removed: Yes, we know you lost the belt.

Other than your hands – let's get deep into the pockets of the Trench Coat

In some people's minds, they imagine the trench coat is only worn by the guy on a corner hawking tickets, watches or other wares. That being said, let's make it simple for what can be carried in your trench coat.

As a minimum, acceptable items or accessories to carry in your coat pockets include:

  • Your hands - only when you have forgotten your gloves.
  • Wallet or money clip – only in the internal pocket with your car or house key
  • Phone
  • Wool cap - when indoors
  • Handkerchief

Items or accessories to avoid carrying in your coat pockets include:

  • Handfuls of loose change or a bulky or noisy chain of keys
  • Bottle of liquor
  • Multiple Rolex watches that TICK TOCK

In closing, I recommend you save up to find a good quality trench coat, as well as invest the time to select the right fit for you. A trench coat is a wardrobe staple and timeless classic, which effortlessly complements your wardrobe. With any item of clothing you buy, always wear it with confidence and you will always look great.


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