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The 56-year-old rich Chinese woman who was called a frozen beauty by the King of Thailand

by Egg Lemmon 2 months ago in women
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The King of Thailand is more than attracted to her

The 56-year-old rich Chinese woman who was called a frozen beauty by the King of Thailand
Photo by Adam Watson on Unsplash

As people upgrade their consumption, more and more women are pursuing dresses with a sense of nobility. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to wear.

The 56-year-old Wu Lin Pan's family and career are both very successful, both in terms of brains and beauty, and every move exudes the charm of a noblewoman. She is popular in Thailand and is also known as the "Frozen Beauty". As a 50+ woman, she also has her own experience in dressing.

The printed complex is not terrible, cheap is the most horrible

A lot of older in the pursuit of temperament dressing will deliberately avoid the print element the complicated print is not the source of cheap feeling, the real cheap is the texture of the print. Like Woolen Pan this dress print is very complicated, but not at all fancy but very noble, there is a kind of court wind feeling.

Woolen pan court-style dresses

So what are the textured prints? Here I recommend that you can choose more everyday checks, stripes, three-dimensional embroidery, and ink print, but the most noteworthy or not a lot of repetition of the same elements, to choose more distribution staggered, exquisite and delicate content of the print.

Exquisite and delicate printing of content

Wu Lin Pan this dress is also worthy of reference, green as the main color fresh atmosphere, ink prints, and flowers staggered, her dress is like a canvas, a beautiful painting displayed in front of everyone.

Her dress is like a canvas, a beautiful painting displayed in front of the crowd

Choose more texture and less volume, rich women want a sense of luster

I believe that many sisters have heard the phrase "30 before choosing more volume, 30 after more selection of products", which explains the woman's dressing is mainly divided into two stages, the first stage in the teenage period, in this time can try a lot of new styles, do not have to care too much about the texture of the clothes. The second stage is middle-aged to old age, this time can not blindly pursue the trend and fire a single product, more to settle down more to choose the texture of durable clothing.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the daily life of the woman and find that she rarely has a thin T-shirt, but mostly shirts and coats that are three-dimensional and stylish. This body camel-colored coat is her more classic style, although it is an autumn single product but not at all bloated, sleeveless woolen coat + knitted bottom shirt combination full of layers, showing an excellent aura.

Choose more texture and less volume

The most important thing is that it is not only the most popular jacket but also the sleeveless version of the jacket is very good to wear. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The actual rich woman has to be seen to be able to play with the noble fashion.

In recent years, especially hot small fragrance style

In addition to choosing a more three-dimensional-shaped single product, want to create a sense of nobility, we can also choose more in the daily with a sense of gloss and a light-colored single product. As a sense of shine reflected in the fabric, generally broken surface dresses or satin shirts. And light-colored items are white, and camel, these are low-key but connotative colors.

Like the following set of wear is very suitable for ordinary people reference, purple satin sleeveless shirt senior atmosphere, with blue horseshoe pants to show a slender and slender body, Woolen Pan feels generous temperament is for this group of wear added a lot of points.

Wu Lin Pan's generous temperament added a lot of points to the group's outfit

The board is clear and more atmospheric, delete the complexity and simplify the real senior

Simple things are low error rate, in the daily want to quickly wear a good feeling of clothing, must know the importance of deleting the simple, clear section. As an example, we can understand.

The board is clear and more atmospheric, delete the complexity and simplify the real senior

The top of this GA pour is a pure black shirt, the bottom is also pure gray suit pants, the bag is also a sharp blue-green messenger bag, the whole set of wear no more than three colors and wears the most important three components of each piece of the level of distinct, clear distinction of tone, these details create the final overall wear a strong sense of seniority.

Wearing a strong sense of seniority

This group is also the same idea, navy blue silk shirt comfortable and expensive, with brown flared pants well elongated the vertical length of the body, plus the black tote bag a whole pinch of urban commuter style.

This outfit is also along the same lines

The bag selection has to be careful, and suitable to show temperament

In today's fast-paced era, the bag has long been not only a tool for loading things but also a representative of identity and personal preferences. So we must not ignore the design and texture of the bag when matching, take Woolen Pan, she loves the volume of medium both practicality and fashion sense of tote bag messenger bag.

The actual collocation she either chooses and clothing similar color plays a transitional role in the outfit, or chooses clothing with a sense of contrast color, acting as a highlight to enrich the role of the outfit. This group with goose yellow clutch bag and black and white collision striped dress to form an impact, soft and fresh goose yellow and cool black and white to create a contradictory temperament, but also let Wu Lin Pan interpretation of a unique personal atmosphere.

Bag selection has been careful, suitable to show temperament

A woman's charm is mainly reflected in her temperament, and the 56-year-old Wu Lin Pan's hands and feet are all intellectual and generous, plus her excellent clothing is like a tiger with wings!

Of course, as a celebrity she is not just a vase, but also a career woman, managing the business of soccer and Hermes, personal charm also received the attention of the King of Thailand, of course, Wu Lin Pan does not care about the royal family, like the Thai royal family this kind of dogma in the eyes of the rich is not much, but also to live their own dazzling life.


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