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Sixteen different types of gold chains for men

Types of gold chains for men

By Aiden SmithPublished 11 months ago 7 min read

Gold chains are a classic item of jewelry that has stood the test of time. Ancient People blasted off sheets of silver and gold, coiled them into thread, and linked them together as ties to create the first gold chains around 2400 B.C.

Designers made adjustments in form and produced new sorts of chains and designs from Antiquity through the Golden age and even beyond.

The current gold chain necklace initially gained popularity in the 1960s, with stacked versions and emblems worn by singers like Jimi Hendrix. Hip-hop became the dominant trend in the 1970s and 1980s, influencing the creation of chain fashions and popularizing them. Because of these aesthetic shifts, chains have remained prominent in every era since the 1990s, including the 1990s, 2000s, and now.

There are various modern gold chain link types available today, and determining the distinctions in their patterns and characteristics can be difficult. This article puts up a list of today’s most famous contemporary chains.

The following are the most popular gold chain designs. All of these chains are available with configurability possibilities at jewelry stores San Antonio.

1. Belcher Chain

The Belcher chain, another popular choice among jewelers, comes in a variety of lengths and metals.

The Belcher chain, also called the Rolo chain, is made up of wide D-shaped links.


Identification tags were initially used to recognize troops who died during the war, and they became an official military necessity in 1899.

Army aesthetic has long been a fashion inspiration, and beaded dog-tag chains made their way into modern fashion with rappers in the 1990s and are now experiencing a comeback in elevated jewelry due to a growing interest in customization.

The pendant is suspended on a ball chain comprised of metal orbs instead of open links, solid or hollow. Solid ball links made of gold or silver that have been welded are less brittle than sunken ball links.

These chains have a lobster closure and are very adaptable. The ball chain is also known as a bead chain. Rather than being a single standout item, these chains are best coupled with other necklaces or jewelry.

3. Box Chain

The Box chain consists of interconnecting square links, unlike other chain patterns or designs.

In comparison to the other types on this list, the Box chain style is robust and hefty.

4. Byzantium Chain

The Byzantine chain has the most elaborate pattern of the bunch. Its linkages form a detailed design that intertwines with one another.

The chain’s surface is similar to that of the rope design. The Byzantine chain is incredibly adaptable and may hang beautifully over the neck because of the pattern of intertwining links.

5. Cable link Chains

Among the most basic gold necklace chain types is the cable chain. They’ve been around for generations and have served a variety of purposes, both practical and decorative. A series of similar oval links are connected in a cable link chain, rendering it valuable and attractive.

Cable link chains are renowned to last; they’re tough for their size, and if a link breaks, it’s easy to replace. Cable link chains come in various shapes and sizes, some with textured links and others that are squashed rather than spherical. Other cable link links, which are popular among men, feature two layers of chains.

6. Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain is one of the world’s most common and in-demand real gold chains for men.

The Cuban link design, often known as the Curb necklace, features an overlapping structure that ensures the piece’s ultimate endurance.

Curb chains have a more substantial presence and are more adaptable in appearance.

7. Curb-Link Chains

The Miami Cuban link chain is part of the curb chain, which is a larger group of gold chain link kinds. A Gourmette chain is a cable chain with consistently spaced oval or round links coiled to lay flat when laid on a plate, generally in a diamond shape. They’re available in both thin and bulkier display chains.

Although the Miami Cuban link chain is the most popular curb link chain design, other curb link chain styles are still desirable because they may add depth to your clothing. A Miami Cuban link chain is frequently layered with a narrower curb link chain by personalities.

8. Diamond-Cut Chain

Don’t be deceived by the name; a diamond cut chain does not have a diamond pendant attached to it. This chain type is similar to the Rope chain design as well.

Because of its pixie cut corners, this chain design gives off a gleaming brilliance, giving it an opulent appearance.

9. Franco-Chain

An Italian chain is the Franco, which is named for its creator. Franco chains comprise a more extensive network of intricately knit v-shaped links than standard curb pattern links. These chains are frequently robust and hefty for their size, with a dense yet polished look.

Foxtail Chains feature v-shaped links, just like Franco Chains; however, Foxtail Chains have markings on all four corners, whereas Franco Chains only have v-links on two of the four edges. This implies you may wear it in 2 distinct ways, almost like a reversed chain, with the chevron side or the curb link side visible.

Franco chains are sturdy and long-lasting, with tightly woven chevron links that are ideal for heavier pendants. The Franco chain’s elasticity means it won’t become knotted, offering you many alternatives for pendants and stacking.

10. Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain is the only type that doesn’t look well with any dimension, style, or form of a pendant. It’s finest worn in its current state.

This is because the Herringbone chains are made out of interlaced thin flat links with a slight bend in the center to give them a herringbone appearance. This is also one of the most delicate styles. The problem is that they bend quickly.

11. Hip-Hop Chains

Hip-hop Chains have been a significant factor in bringing gold chains into modern fashion. Hip-hop in the 1980s shifted to larger display chains with thick shapes and prominent links. They’re frequently encrusted with diamonds or come with unique pendants.

Gold Rosaries.

The Biggie B.I.G. is among the first artists to use religiously-themed gold chains. Rosaries are among the most popular hip-hop chains, and new men’s fashions such as black gold and black diamonds have given them a fresh twist. Black gold is frequently rhodium-plated to increase the chain’s longevity.

Iced-out Chains.

The focus on glitter in hip-hop jewelry is strong, and nothing is more flashy than diamonds on a gold chain. White gold diamond chains have a lot of shine, and their endurance ensures that they will survive for a long time based on style and design.

12. The Figaro Chain

The Figaro chains add a distinctive and astounding element to the style. Groups of two to three circular links are united by an elliptical link from one extreme to another, creating an elegant design.

This specific design was created to be gender-neutral. Men, on the other hand, have been known to like the Figaro chain style. Crosses and medallions are classic pendants to wear with Figaro chains.

13. Rope chain.

The design of the links resembles the curve of a rope. It’s a traditional and well-known chain design that’s quite prominent in the hip-hop culture.

By displaying rope chains in their rap videos and live television statements, a handful of well-known Hip hoppers contributed significantly to the resurgence of rope chains.

14. Mariner Chain

The Mariner chain is highly similar to the Cuban or Curb chain type regarding link form and design. The structure of the links on this chain is identical to that of a real boat’s anchorage.

The curved border and the plain link shape are the two primary variants of the Mariner chain.

15. Snake Chain

The Snake chain is made up of links that are firmly linked to one another. Every circular or square link in cross-section is tightly connected to the next in a moderately crisscross pattern to generate a zigzag appearance.

The outward appearance of the chain is similar to that of snakeskin, thus the name.

16. Wheat Chain

The Wheat chain, among the others on this list, is composed of 4 strands of interlaced tear-shaped links curled to face in a single path.

Regardless of the scale of its length and thickness, the Wheat chain is regarded as the most robust of all chain types. On the downside, the wheat supply chain is inflexible.

The size and shape of the links and the interconnecting arrangements determine the chain’s sturdiness. Because it is constructed of four strands of interconnecting oval links interlaced and twisted in a specific direction, the Wheat chain is regarded as the hardest of all the chain designs.

The wheat chain has a silky finish and a design similar to that of a rope chain. It’s versatile enough to be donned alone or with a pendant. This chain is thin and does not bend.



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