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Short skirts precious tips on how to wear

by juniorassis 9 days ago in tips

Let's talk about skirts possibilities

The short skirt is a unique product, beautiful, versatile and fashion, it can go well with several occasions, but it is important to understand how to use it. This article contains precious skirts tips for using the piece with inspiration.

This dress is a versatile fashion item that most women love. In different models, prints, colors and lengths, it can be combined well with the most diverse occasions. Whether day or night, summer or winter, skirts can match, so they look beautiful. On the other hand, although short skirts are highly appreciated, they are quite controversial. Depending on the size of the skirt, this can lead to an unwanted impression, bordering on common skirts.

Therefore, it is important to know how to use short skirts and combine them with other pieces that balance the appearance and, of course, always respect your body. After all, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable wearing clothes, do they? Generally, shortening the length a little does not harm anyone and can be very modern and versatile.

So today we are going to check out the precise techniques on how to wear short skirts, amazing combinations and, of course, a list of inspirations.

How to wear a short skirt

The right secret to wearing short skirts is: in the right measure. This is not a rule, the correct method is the best choice for you. On the knee? A little higher? It doesn't matter, the right thing is to know how to compose the appearance so as not to over project the legs. Therefore, the shorter and tighter the job, the greater the chance of appearing vulgar, so be careful.

The short skirt is a very versatile and democratic piece, it fits everyone and can be used all year round. In autumn and winter, short skirts are perfect to match jackets, leather jackets, pantyhose and high boots. In spring and summer, short skirts can bring freshness, comfort and fashion, be it day or night.

Match the skirt with balance

Another technique that fits here is to give the short skirt a balanced look. So, when this job is more protruding on the legs, try not to overdo it at the waist. Very sexy tops and necklines can affect your appearance. Shirts, printed or plain T-shirts, blazers or cardigans are wonderful items that go well with short skirts.

For short and tight skirts, to compose the look, try combining looser tops, they are very fashion as well as being comfortable. That's because wearing tight shirts and skirts will give the impression that you have a few pounds and that your clothes are tight. Learn how to use this part to strengthen your body, not the other way around.

Loose models are easier to assemble and more comfortable. In addition to not leaving many traces on the body, the shorter skirts also leave people freer, ideal for the hottest days. Therefore, because it is looser, the short skirt here goes well with the tight blouse, which marks and enhances the silhouette.

As for the feet, shoes are also a fundamental part of appearance. Therefore, during the day, when you want to wear a short skirt, give priority to low-top shoes, such as sneakers, sneakers, low-heeled sandals, sneakers or Oxford shoes. For the evening, high heels or boots are appropriate, always pay attention to the length of the skirt, because the higher the heel, the shorter the skirt becomes.

Skirt Matching Skills

Now that we know the basic use of short skirts, let's present you how to combine cute little feminine outfits.

Printed skirt

These prints are a great option to add more charm to your work. When talking about short skirts, it can be interesting to bet on floral patterns, play with animal patterns and warm, complementary or similar colors. But always looking for balance. This type of clothing requires the use of discreet tops in neutral colors (mainly white and black).

Black skirt

Black is the favorite color of many people and is absolutely suitable for every moment, occasion and appearance, in addition to being the most versatile color of the entire color palette, black is undoubtedly the color of possibilities.

Therefore, the black skirt is the same, as this piece provides an incomparable combination, being able to use it in the most different places and events. You can bet on an all black look, or mix it with white to form a classic black and white look, or combine it with a printed or colored top.

So you can leave a day at work and go straight to a party or relax with friends in a charming little bar. The secret is to use creativity when it comes to designing looks with a skirt, dare to be surprised and be more beautiful.

Pierced skirt

As we all know, the cut-out or envelope skirts are noteworthy, in addition to being very elegant, they are also in fashion. Combine the same top and shirt in the same color to create a monochromatic look. In this case, it is ideal to enhance the work and its details. Therefore, for those looking for a more fashion or daring look, this combination is successful. Wearing a top under the skirt is also effective, while providing a clean and elegant look it also promotes greater comfort and safety.

Skirt with buttons

Utilities or just details, the buttons, whether made of wood, metal, aluminum or acrylic, add value and style to the skirt. The details attract attention especially if they are rich as cutout embroidery and a beautiful sensual modeling and draw the attention of the production. Jeans or other fabrics, this type of clothing is easy to match, and you need to find a balance between length and color before deciding on a top

A very good tip is to analyze the look completely, for example if your intention is to use a piece with a lot of prints, balance the other piece with a flat color, which can be a floral blouse with a navy blue skirt, or a beautiful evazê skirt with stripes and a blouse with overlay of a classic blazer. So, thinking about it, it can become more chic or refined.

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