Shoe Boxes- Check this New Packaging Design for 2020

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Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes- Check this New Packaging Design for 2020

Shoe Boxes are an undoubted emblem of the shoe item that they carry within themselves. In times where exclusive and individual publicity about a shoe product is a rare find, these boxes make the best of their efforts to promote the packaged item to the maximum and present it to the target audience in such a way that they find themselves compelled to make an impulsive purchase. Manufactured mostly out of Kraft or rigid cardboard these boxes can be effectively customized to bring out the salient features of the shoe they carry in the most prominent way.

Attractive Packaging Design Exist

Shoe Boxes used to create a picture of a square box with a detachable top lid previously. Times have changed and shoe packaging has also been revolutionized and revamped like all other product packaging items. A box for shoes is not something presumable anymore. Packaging vendors are introducing new and improved styles of shoe boxes that are a hit in the market in terms of their appearances and creativity. They are made to protect and impress and they perform both the functions with immaculate accuracy. The design of a show box is as crucial as the shoe placed inside that box. Brands have been striving hard to make their shoe packaging as attractive and enchanting for their consumers as possible, which has led to making some unique designs. So, let us see what they are up to in the ongoing year:

The Royal Diamond

Creativity is the hallmark of the modern, shoe boxes and this design speaks a lot about it. It is manufactured like a royal diamond, which is unique in its outlook. It is inspired by the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family of England. It is shaped like a Princess cut diamond. There are divots on its sides that give it the visual effect of an actual diamond. The color of the box is usually purple which is inspired by the original design of Nike. But there are no restrictions on it. Brands can use the individual color of their choice or can use a combination of different hues. The design of this box makes it a dream for a shoe lover.

The Apollo Box

As the same suggests, this is shaped like a fighter plane. Hence, naturally, it is used for shoes made specifically for running. The most unique thing about packaging design is that makes a strong statement besides being visually attractive. The statement it makes is about speed. It effectively conveys the message that the shoes will make one tech their top speed and aid them in running. Hence its unique shape sets it apart from regular footwear boxes that are made for running shoes as it complements the nature of the shoes inside it more effectively. The shoes are also placed inside in a way that maximizes the appeal of the packaging. They are placed just like they are about to be launched forward, which inspires the customers whenever they look at it.

The Craftsman's Dream

Most of the shoe boxes open vertically which has been the standard in shoe packaging for years. But this box bucks the trend and goes for something that makes it stand out: it opens and closes horizontally. But that is not the only thing that makes it unique. Its elegant design is one to be cherished too. The sides of the box are cut so elegantly as if it were done by a master craftsman. The logo can be incised on one side of the box to make it look stunning. It contains different pieces which are cut so precisely that they fit together smoothly when the box is closed. But precision elegance does not and should not mean fragility. These are corrugated shoe boxes having considerable levels of strength and durability. It is also less likely to be thrown away, which people mostly do to shoe boxes, giving it a respected position amongst those who want waste to the minimized.

The Minimalist Solution

Given the concerns around climate change, it is understandable that brands are striving to manufacture shoe packaging that needs fewer materials and lower amounts of energy. And the minimalist box first introduced by Puma is one of the best when it comes to cutting down the use of resources for packaging. This box is made from a single piece of cardboard. Yes, a single piece of cardboard which is made into a complete box without the need for extra cardboard. It is folded around for making it into a complete, fully-fledged box. Traditional shoe packaging needs a lot of cardboard but this box is a breath of fresh air in the world of packaging. It is also reusable which makes it the perfect eco-friendly box for everyone. It is also great for those who want minimalist packaging for their footwear.

The Tubular Design

From its name, the idea behind the box's design becomes apparent. It is designed as a tube that appeals to customers who are fond of minimalism. It is also a major attraction for those for whom waste is a major concern. Its elegance and uniqueness are undeniable and can enchant anyone. It would not be difficult to say that only a few brands manage to convince their customers for keeping their shoe boxes. Because most people usually discard their shoe boxes storage after they have taken out the shoes. But this box is unique in the sense that it makes people keep it. Beautiful illustrations can be printed on it that makes it even more alluring and charming. One pair of shoes can easily fit into this box making it a perfect option for individualized sales. This box goes against the tradition and contributes something positive to the environment by being less likely to be a contribution to the waste.

New Trend for 2020

As one can see, 2020 has brought a lot of fresh designs and shoe packaging ideas into the market. They are beautiful, unique and appealing in their own ways. While elegance is a necessary feature for any shoebox, another notable aspect is that brands are now transitioning towards sustainable and green packaging, which is a welcome development. One can hope that this transition does not stop and companies keep producing beautiful and eco-friendly designs for everyone.

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