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Affordable Online Shopping

As a broke college student, I try to save my money in any way that I can. Trying to keep up with the trends in college and stay within my budget is a challenge. So I discovered some cheap online shopping websites to order off of. One that I discovered is called I had heard about it before and had watched several video reviews on YouTube. So if you want to see live reviews of people who have ordered items from this website and see some items and how they fit, I suggest watching some YouTube videos. There I also discovered many other cheap online shopping websites that aren't too bad. But today, we're talking about, which ships all over the world. I made an account and started shopping. Right off the bat, you discover the crazy cheap prices, and you start to get a little suspicious.

The thing about this website is that all of the items are shipped from China and made in China. This is one of the main reasons people are suspicious about this website. However, I will give you my honest opinion on this website. The website itself is pretty easy to navigate and not too confusing. There are always nice deals going on so you can expect a lot for your penny. They have several different styles. They have pretty much everything so all different styles can be satisfied. If you're looking to go to a party, they have cute crop tops, bodysuits, and dresses but if you are heading to a business meeting, they have pants, blouses, and blazers. They also have shoes, swimsuits, and accessories.

Let's talk about the prices. They're so nice that they make you suspicious and often prevent people from buying. Too good to be true. I have ordered a sweater, two pairs of leggings, and a sweatshirt. The sweater, shown here. It arrived very fast, shipping from this website is surprisingly fast for it to ship from China. The items usually arrive in a week or two. The sweater is really good quality, inexpensive, and a beautiful color. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. I was not disappointed.

Next, I had ordered a sweatshirt, shown here. At first when it arrived, it shed a lot of fur. However, after some time it stopped. The sweatshirt is very warm and feels nice and soft. I also ordered this in a medium and it fit just fine. Other than the shedding in the beginning, I have no complaints.

I then ordered a pair of leggings, shown here. I ordered these in a medium and they were a little tight, what you'd expect from leggings. They are considered sporty, although I never used them to work out. They were somewhat see through due to the tight fitting. However they looked great but now, sadly, they have a hole in them. They were cheap, $9 US dollars, so I couldn't expect much as far as quality but they were great while they lasted.

The last thing I ordered from them was another pair of leggings in medium, shown here. They fit very nicely, haven't ripped on me yet, and are a nice style. They are a convenient pair of leggings that can look good with almost anything.

Overall, is a good website. If you're looking for affordable, stylish clothing, they have that. They have tons of different styles, ship and arrive fast, and are cheap. And they even have a student discount, so if you're a struggling college student like myself, you can save yourself some money. Of course, with shopping online you take some risks and some items may be hit or miss, but this site is worth a try.

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