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Savage X Fenty: Ultimate 10 Style Trends

Ultimate 10 Style Trends

By Viral HollywoodMagazinePublished about a year ago 4 min read

Savage x Fenty has been taking the industry by way of a hurricane because Robyn Rihanna Fenty founded it on May 11, 2018. This brand sports a fantastic and intricately designed curation of underwear sets, sleepwear, bras, etc. Over time, they have had many great superstar ambassadors like Normani, Kehlani, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and so on. Since its release, Fenty x Savage has been diagnosed for its inclusivity precept. They have models from all races, backgrounds, sizes, and genders. They defied the norms of getting the most effective skinny fashions as their illustration and, as a substitute, showcased genuine inclusivity. They also unfold consciousness and help many social causes, the most recent being Breast Cancer Awareness. Click here

Savage x Fenty: Top 10 Fashion Looks

Rihanna in Red' n' Black

Rihanna, the founding father of Savage x Fenty, has certainly sported one of the excellent looks in Vol.3 of the Savage x Fenty display. A formidable black lace bra is matched with a splendid blood-crimson corset set. But that's not all; every other essential highlight became the lace stretched over her legs in a beautiful black coloration and design.

The easy addition of a thick silver bracelet and a red one on each other, silver ring and earrings, completes the general appearance with simply the right accessories. In addition, a superb overall performance was showcased within Rihanna's very matching outfit, bringing the glamour the entire international audience expects in a Fenty x Savage Show.

Gigi Hadid's Blue Lingerie

Gigi Hadid has been rocking innumerable looks forever, and as typical, she did no longer disappoint this time either. Gigi Hadid made her confident and formidable look on the runway by decorating a set of bright blue undies. With an impressive block print and a relaxed outsized sample, the robe became the highlight of the appearance.

A royal blue chain choker changed into cleverly paired with the jacket and a belt on the waist. Silver pointy heels and simple circular earrings with identical colorful coloration complemented the look like no other addition could have.

Erykah Badu's Lacy Bodysuit

She sported a full lace bodysuit with a detailed and exquisite layout. The long jacket and the unmizable belt gave the bodysuit the more excellent spice it wanted. However, the exemplary component of this look is the jewellery and accessory curation. The hat, the heels, the earrings, the nails… How can one forestall speaking about all the information?

Soo Joo Park's Minimalism

Soo Joo Park carried one of the refined units of underwear throughout the show. It had the precise maroon and blue aggregate with a hint of horizontal prints. The minimalism of this set and the model's bold approach made this appearance stand out the maximum. Of course, the cherry at the pinnacle is the slick coiffure and attractive gold accessory jewellery, especially the waist chain.

Lourdes Leon Latex Outfit

This shade of dark teal ruled the night and became even more lovely, thanks to the version sporting them. The latex full-sleeved gloves are the not unusual hyperlink to those clothing other than the colour theme. The silver-themed earring is a fun experiment that resulted in a suitable pairing for the outfits. The evident white heels supply just the proper splash of additional shade. Another noteworthy aspect is the makeup performed on all three fashions as a way to trend quickly.

Red Sleepwear

These purple pieces were quite interest-grabbing. The flowy satin jackets, shorts, and shirts have been just the right combination of luxury and comfort. The matte black sliders, in addition, beautify the schedule of this appearance. Along with that, the simple gold pendant made the color palette more appealing with minimum attempt.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford opened the Savage x Fenty Show with a look complete with sophistication. The dark teal dress flawlessly hugged the model’s body. Another point that provides a sophisticated accent is the excessive leg slit. The golden stilettos with uniquely fashioned heels and the gold bracelets make it tough to take one’s eye off the appearance.

White Lingerie Sets

One of the lovely sights of the Fenty x Savage show was these fashions’ energy experience in white. The delicate but statement-making designs had been decorated beautifully. The underwear set was fabricated from white lace with lovely styles. Demi cuts, halter neck bras, and lacy panties and skirts have been designed to create this top-notch look.


Another racy black outfit turned into Gabbriette with the most robust gaze. The bralette was showcased with a glittery tile pattern, while the pants were a sleek result of black lace. The dewy makeup and wet, slick hair have been different bold additives to the outfit. The matching excessive heels and choker make the look just ideal.


BIA pulled off a vivid yellow lingerie set among the sea of monochrome and dark shades. It has a precise amount of vibrance with the lacy yellow cloth. The dazzling olive green heeled boots make the complete ensemble more lovely. The silver accented earrings additionally provide nothing but charm!


Fenty x Savage has constantly been one of the excellent fashion houses since it got here in the photo. With appropriate ideas of inclusivity and detailed designs in their lingeries, they will keep impacting the enterprise at each available time.

Savage x Fenty has been taking the industry using typhoons because Robyn Rihanna Fenty founded it on May eleven, 2018. This emblem sports a fantastic and intricately designed curation of undie units, sleepwear, underwear, bras, etc. Over time, they have had many brilliant celebrity ambassadors like Normani, Kehlani, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and so on.

Even considering its launch, Fenty x Savage has been recognized for its inclusivity principle. They have models from all races, backgrounds, sizes, and genders. They defied the norms of having the best thin fashions as their representation and alternatively showcased actual inclusivity. They also unfold cognizance and help many social causes, the maximum latest being Breast Cancer Awareness.


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