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Remembering the Emo Trend

Rawr, anyone?

By Jord TuryPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

If you, like me, enjoyed rocking the many studded belts and fingerless gloves when you were in your teens, then fear not – you're in a safe place now. There aren't any judgements here – we've all been through that phase and somehow emerged a little more colourful in one way or another. That's not to say we don't miss those days where jet-black eyeliner and red skinny jeans were the in-thing, though. Heck, even after a decade I still miss that style. I'd even rock it today if it weren't for my Dad bod and lack of trust in tight denim.

The Emo trend was truly one of a kind, wouldn't you say? It was like something torn straight out of a horror flick and then spiced up with lashings of dye and straightened hair. Then, to put a staple on the scene, a dose of spikes and fishnet stockings would come rifling along. With this appearance, and of course, a melancholy sack of meat to carry it, the Emo cliché was assembled. A fashion outlet was born.

Checkered shirts, multi-coloured studded belts, bulky necklaces, cliché band T's – they're all ringing so many bells. These are all things that everybody rocked during the early to late 2000's era where Emo was most definitely at the peak of social warfare. And, if you weren't sporting a pair of Vans or Converse, then you essentially weren't an Emo kid. Or, you know, you just weren't a die-hard one at best.

Black and white was noticeably the most common combination when it came to suiting up each morning as the straighteners reached Supernova heats. That was no doubt the go-to mix when strapping on the skinnies and belt combo. Then, as you'd walk out the door with a raincloud sitting over your shoulders, you'd resemble nothing more than the gloomy shadow cast beneath it. That was your job. That was what you lived for.

A major focal point on the Emo scene was of course the piercings. Or, more specifically – the snakebite piercings. These two lip rings were almost a mark of the clique. These, and perhaps a nicely polished ear stretcher were enough to make a crush swoon and entrap the eyes of everybody in the room. Not that any Emo kid actually wanted that. Like I said – shadows beneath a raincloud.

Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, Blue Banana stores, shipping Hot Topic wears across seas for Christ's sake. These were all things every Emo loved back in the day. These were things that kept every kid in the loop each day as new trends were being spewed out.

An Emo might've acted careless most of the time, but deep down it was clear the love behind the scene and iconic fringe were what kept them going. And, what lacked in enthusiasm for life sure made up for in passion for the fashion. That's something no former Emo kid could deny. Even me – I hated a lot of things, for sure. But, I always found myself going out and buying something new that would match my mundane characteristics.

Of course, the trend has long since died down and the world is essentially rid of Emo kids. I mean, there's more than likely still an underground vibe based around them, but they're far more invisible than we once were ten years ago. Or, perhaps it's because I see the world a little differently now. Maybe it's because I no longer notice them amongst a large crowd when I'm out with my kids. I'm not sure – maybe they're all around and I've become blinded by the reality of adulthood as I opt for boring denim and canvas shirts.

The Emo trend is something I'll always fondly look back on – as I'm sure you do, too. It's something that certainly defined a generation for many of us, and, if given the chance to relive the golden days of Emo, I'm sure we'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Well, I mean, I know I would.

Would you?

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