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Raas Expands Its Horizons: A Tale of Passion and Timeless Elegance

From Tradition to Innovation: Raas's Unforgettable Pursuit of Elegance

By AMRYTT MEDIAPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

The tale of Raas began in 2020 when Shreya embarked on her journey to establish her own design house. It was not merely about creating beautiful garments but a mission to uplift those who yearned for more in life. What made Shreya's story even more remarkable was that she started her design career in her fifties, proving that dreams have no expiration date.

For Shreya, Raas was more than just a fashion brand. It became a platform for ethical practices and a catalyst for transforming passion into purpose. The success of her inaugural collection paved the way for a special collaboration that would shape the brand's future. Enter Axi Patel, Shreya's daughter, who shared her mother's vision and joined her mission wholeheartedly.

They Grew Together

Together, this dynamic mother-daughter duo created a line called Tanisi, a casual label that focused on high-quality, sustainable designer pieces that were accessible to all. Their dedication to social sustainability became the driving force behind the brand, inspiring every aspect of their work. From the very inception of Raas, they valued and cherished their artisans, recognizing them as the true essence of their brand's existence.

As Raas continued to flourish, their impact expanded far beyond their immediate circle. They aimed to build robust supply chains that fostered growth, advocated for wellness, and created desirable working environments for every employee and individual who relied on them. The brand became a symbol of hope and empowerment, where dreams were nurtured, and talents were celebrated.

Curated designs, classy collections of Indian dresses, and contemporary craftsmanship defined Raas as the Global Desi, the ultimate shopping destination for those seeking exquisite, designer-quality ethnic Indian outfits with a modern edge. Each garment told a unique story, blending tradition with innovation, and embracing the rich heritage of Indian culture.

The Meaning Says It All

The name Raas itself held profound connotations. Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "aesthetics," it epitomized the very essence of Indian beauty and tradition. It evoked images of legendary tales, such as those of Lord Krishna, where colors, royalty, tenderness, and creation intertwined harmoniously. Raas The Global Desi aimed to capture this abundance of beauty and grandeur, weaving it into every thread and embellishment.

Despite living in a foreign land, the proud Global Desi cherished her Indian roots and upheld the customs that defined her origins. Raas understood her desire to celebrate traditional festivities with utmost regard and pride. Hence, they equipped her with traditional outfits infused with a modern edge, reinventing India's remarkable ancient clothing design tradition to resonate with the expectations of the modern woman.

Celebration of Everything

In Raas, every creation celebrated creativity, colors, and unbeatable quality. Through their meticulous craftsmanship, they aimed to enhance the Indian bearing of their customers, adding satisfaction and pride to every auspicious event in their lives. From magnificent lehengas and salwar suits to elegant dresses, gowns, sarees, and blouses, Raas catered to every occasion, ensuring that the Global Desi looked and felt regal.

As Raas expanded its horizons, its influence reached far and wide, transcending borders and touching the hearts of countless individuals. With a strong foothold in Chicago, USA, Raas The Global Desi became the go-to destination for the modern woman who embraced her Indian heritage with poise and elegance. They became a beacon of sartorial excellence, combining tradition and contemporary flair to create fashion statements that were truly unforgettable.

The Tale

And so, the tale of Raas, a brand born from passion, empowerment, and timeless elegance, continues to unfold. With each passing day, they embark on new chapters, weaving stories through their curated designs, classy collections, and contemporary craftsmanship. Their journey is a testament to the power of dreams, the strength of collaboration, and the boundless beauty of Indian culture.

As the world turns its gaze toward Raas, they stand ready to welcome everyone into their vibrant, diverse, and enchanting universe. A universe where fashion knows no boundaries, and the Global Desi finds her truest expression. This is the story of Raas, a brand that expands horizons, touches souls, and celebrates the artistry of life. #GrowingTogether


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